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Tales of Arise

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Ben Chard

This page details everything about the Gigant Zeugle battle against Toxidillo in Glanymede Castle, Calaglia in Tales of Arise. This will detail all of its attacks and how to defeat it.

Toxidillo is a Gigant in Glanymede Castle.

Gigant Lv Weakness
Toxidillo 13

Where to find

This is actually the second Gigant you’ll encounter in Tales of Arise, but the first, Mantis, is intended for much later in your adventure. As you storm Glanymede Castle, make your way to 4F and you’ll spot it rolling about as soon as you walk up the path. This is a Level 13 Gigant battle and is doable on your first encounter with it.


This will be the toughest battle you’ve encountered yet, but it’s also good practice for what lies beyond it. You’ll need to be careful with your attacks and ensure you don’t leave yourself open by trying to go for an all-out attack style. The Toxidillo hits hard and, as you might expect, as the ability to Poison you too.

Toxidillo will usually begin the battle with a Charge, this causes him to charge a short distance ahead of himself which will inflict moderate damage should it strike you; this is no different to the regular Armadillo charge so you should be able to evade it easily by now. The more deadly attack to watch out for however is when the Toxidillo stops and spins on the spot, this indicates he’ll use his Toxic Spin attack that sees him spew Toxic around him, keep your distance and wait the attack out before resuming your attack.

This can be hard to judge however, because if the Toxidillo stops and only does a short spin on the spot, get ready to keep evading as it’ll begin using it’s Rolling Bounce attack that sees it constantly bounce around the arena, inflicting large damage should you get struck by it. This is, however, a prime opportunity to use Shionne’s Boost Attack to blast it out of the sky and stun it, allowing you to hopefully use Infernal Torrent with Iron Mask.

(1 of 6) Toxidillo will use a short Charge towards you

Toxidillo will repeat these attacks until you take it to around half of its HP at which point it will start entering Overlimit, indicated by the blue hue around it. This will increase its attack, speed and grant it a new attack, an Arena Spin that will cause it spin all around the arena, forget about attacking during this and wait the attack out before resuming your attack. Indeed, especially on the Hard Difficulty, considering waiting out its Overlimit before resuming your assault, enemies that are in Overlimit can’t be downed with Boost Attacks which make it difficult to create an opening.

As for your attack strategy, you’ll notice that the Toxidillo has a weak point on its tail, you should aim your attacks at this to hopefully cause a Core Break and stun it for a period, allowing you to go all out with Infernal Torrent for large burst damage. Make use of Shionne’s Boost Attack whenever it finds itself in the air and use Iron Mask’s outside of its Overlimit to down it and get some time to use an Infernal Torrent. It has 12,000+ HP so it’ll be a longer fight than you’re used to but so long as you don’t overcommit, you should be able to take it down.

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