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Tales of Arise

Ooze Hive

Ben Chard

This page details everything about the story battle against the Ooze Hive in the Underground Waterway, Cyslodia in Tales of Arise. This will detail all of its attacks and how to defeat it.

The Ooze Hive is a boss in the Underground Waterway.

Boss Lv Weakness
Ooze Hive 17 Fire

Phase One

You’ll encounter the Ooze Hive as you pass through the Underground Waterway in the streets of Cysloden. You’ve been fighting many regular Oozes throughout this area but the Hive itself is on another level altogether. You’ll want to equip any Poison Charms you may have for this battle, have the latest weapons for Shionne and Rinwell, and consider turning off Shionne’s water-based Artes so she sticks with fire-based ones.

The Ooze Hive is a much larger threat than any you’ve faced before, and you’ll need to make careful use of Rinwell’s Boost Attack so never waste it unless there’s an arte to cancel. The Ooze Hive is weak to Fire, like all of the regular Oozes you’ve been fighting, and you’ll find its weak point on its tongue so aim for that at all times. To begin with, the Ooze Hive will close its mouth, this will indicate that it will use its Water Pillar attack which summons two consecutive groups of water pillars to shoot up underneath your current location, keep on the move to avoid this.

At any point during the fight, the Ooze Hive will throw itself into the air and attempt to Slam down on you, this can be tricky to evade if you’re in melee range but look for when it starts coming down and dodge backwards. Being an Ooze type Zeugle, the Hive has many poison-based attacks, look for when it opens its mouth and move away to avoid the Poison Blast it spews in that direction. The Ooze Hive can also cast Spread like the regular Oozes, this can be cancelled by using Rinwell’s Boost Attack so keep an eye for it.

The final attack that the Ooze Hive will use during phase one can be identified by when it gathers strength with poison coming out of its mouth, it will spew multiple Poison Pools around its entire body, get away from the Ooze Hive at this point and drag it to another location to countiue assault. At any point during the battle, should you perform a Core Break (and you should be aiming for this in every battle), the Ooze Hive will summon four regular Oozes to the battle. This is when it becomes hectic as having multiple Spreads going off at once can result in an early defeat, be sure to save Rinwell’s Boost Attack along with Alphen’s (this will down them and cancel the casting) to limit the damage while you aim to take them out as quickly as possible.

(1 of 9) Be on the lookout to cancel any arte casting from the Ooze Hive or regular Oozes

Phase Two

The Ooze Hive will go into Overlimit once you reduce its HP to 50% and gain a new attack. Similar to the Slam attack, the Ooze Hive will now use this three times on the same target in quick succession so be sure to keep on the move using evade to avoid these or you’ll suffer major damage. The largest change to his second phase however is the constant summoning of regular Oozes, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed at this point as you won’t have Boost Attacks to cancel every single Arte.

Instead, you should treat this as a race against time to finish the battle, try to kill all but one of the Oozes to prevent there from being too many on the battlefield, but the Ooze Hive should be your main target at this point. Shionne has multiple fire-based Artes at this point in the game and of course Alphen’s Flaming Edge Artes are deadly, especially if you charge them beforehand. This battle becomes a lot easier if you have the latest weapons for Shionne and Rinwell while also remembering to equip Poison Charms.

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