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Iglia Wastes

Ben Chard

This page covers the Iglia Wastes in Calaglia for the story in Tales of Arise. This walkthrough will take you through obtaining all items and uncovering everything available to you.

The Iglia Wastes is an area in Calaglia.

Items Location
500 Gald Climb the vines near the entrance to Ulzebek and follow the path
Apple Gel West ruined house in the center
Apple Gel The base of a tree in the center
Apple Gel Through the passage on the east of the map
Lavender Path to the northeast of the map
Orange Gel On the raised area access to the southwest
Owl On the raised area access to the southwest, south of the Orange Gel
Collection Points Location
Potato x2 Climb the vines near the entrance to Ulzebek
Wheat x3 Climb the vines near the entrance to Ulzebek
Wheat x3 Near the ruined houses in the center
Potato x3 East of the map
Mushroom x2 Inside a ruined house northeast of the Wheat
Potato x3 In the center of the map, before heading northwest towards Fagan Ruins
Carp Southwest pool of water before Fagan Ruins entrance
Carp Northeast pool of water before Fagan Ruins entrance
Wheat x3 Before the path leading northeast
Potato x3 On the path leading northeast
Wheat x3 On the raised area to the southwest
Enemies Lv Weakness
Bee 8
Wolf 7
Armadillo 7
Golem 9 Wind

The map for the Iglia Wastes in Calaglia.

Visit the Fagan Ruins

The Iglia Wastes are by far the largest area you’ve been able to explore yet and there’s plenty of items to pocket and Zeugles to defeat. As you head down the slope here, a scene will trigger, and you’ll be forced into a battle that introduces Boost Attacks.

These handy attacks can be performed by pressing the direction of the party member whose gauge is filled and will have special effects based on who that is. In the case of Iron Mask, his Boost Attack will always down an enemy, allowing you to pummel on it while it lays there defenseless. Shionne, on the other hand, is a specialist with aerial enemies, use hers on an enemy in the air and it will instantly down them. On top of all this, Boost Attacks will restore some of your AG, meaning strategic use of them will allow you to prolong your combos for even more damage. For the rest of this battle, the BG for both of your characters will fill at an increased rate so make use of it to deal with your foes.

Once the battle’s over, head down the path and take Iron Mask’s advice to climb higher by using the vines to your left. You’ll find a Collection Point containing Potato x2 and if you take the steps up to your left, you’ll locate a Chest housing 500 Gald. Head on to the platform overlooking the area for some dialogue and then drop down below and hang a left to find a Collection Point with Wheat x3.

(1 of 2) The game will introduce you to Boost Attacks

The game will introduce you to Boost Attacks (left), take the nearby vines up to reach a chest containing 500 Gald. (right)

Drop down another level to the ground and defeat the Zeugles here and then go southeast to find a Mining Point. Continue along the path to the north to dispatch another group of Zeugles and loot the Apple Gel in the ruined house here. Head east from here to find Wheat x3 at the large tree along with a group of three Bees, remember to use Shionne’s Boost Attack to help with these airborne insects. Continue east after they’re down to find another ruined house containing Mushroom x2.

Return south along the eastern wall here a little to pocket the Potato x3 you missed from going the other way first and then continue north from the Mushrooms to find a group of Bees protecting an Apple Gel sitting at the base of the large tree. There’s another Apple Gel through the passage to your east and to your west is a Golem close to a patch of Potatoes.

From the Potatoes north of the Golem, head to the western wall to locate another Mining Point and then begin heading south. The path to the west here will be blocked off until much later in your adventure but to the south of it, you’ll come across some vines you can climb to reach the area above. Up here, head north to locate some Wheat and then go back on yourself and head further up to take out more Zeugles. As the path starts raising higher, look to your left to find an Orange Gel in the ruined house here. Take this path all the way to the end and look on the top of the tree to locate Owl #3 which will hand over the Spotted Cat Ears.

(1 of 5) There's an Apple Gel in a ruined house in the center

Drop off to the north of this raised area to return to where you found the Potatoes and then begin heading towards the path leading to the northeast (ignore the path through the pillars for now). Along the way, you’ll find some Wheat and just to the north of it, some more Potatoes before a group of Bees protecting a Lavender at the end to the northwest. Return to the pillars now but before heading through, go to the west of them and behind the large rocks to locate another Mining Point.

As you head through the Pillars, you’ll encounter a Golem along with two pools of water that have Carp you can catch. Pocket the items and head towards the Camp and you’ll trigger a scene as the pair pause to have something to east. This will introduce you to the cooking system in Tales of Arise, a system that offers plenty of benefits such as HP restoration after battle, Defense or Attack Up to even an increase Drop Rate. Of course, you’ll need to ensure you have learnt the Recipe first and procured the necessary ingredients but as a general rule, you should always have a Cooking Effect active.

(1 of 2) There's the third Owl to discover on the raised area to the southwest

There's the third Owl to discover on the raised area to the southwest (left), you'll be introduced to the Cooking system at the Camp here. (right)

For now, you’ll only have access to the Porridge recipe which requires three servings of Wheat to cook for a Defense Up T (5%) effect. You’ll also notice that it’s Shionne’s favorite meal and depending on the character, this will boost your meals in a number of ways. For Shionne, it doubles the ingredients needed for 90% increase to your cooking time, well worth the trade off (this will allow Porridge to last a whopping 19 minutes). Cooking this will trigger more scenes and you’ll also unlock the Speedy Chef Trophy/Achievement along with the Speedy Chef Title for Shionne. Once morning comes, and now with a full stomach, all that remains is to head north into the Fagan Ruins to continue the search for Shionne’s outfit.


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