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Kyrd Garrison

Ben Chard

This page covers the Kyrd Garrison and the following events at Mosgul in Calaglia for the story in Tales of Arise. This walkthrough will take you through obtaining all items and uncovering everything available to you.

Kyrd Garrison is an area in Calaglia.

Items Location
500 Gald Chest in southern outpost
Scrap Meat Southern outpost
Apple Gel Exit of southern path leading to Mosgul
Verbena North path near Mosgul entrance
Grilled Mushroom Recipe Chest in the outpost in the center of the map
100 Gald Watchtower in the center
Apple Gel North of pool of water near Ulzebek entrance
Rosemary Cave of Solitude
Owl North path near Mosgul entrance
Collection Points Location
Pepper x3 South path from Ulzebek
Pepper x3 North of entrance to Cave of Solitude
Carp East from Ulzebek entrance
Mushroom x2 Center of the map
Pepper x3 Cave of Solitude
Mushroom x2 Cave of Solitude
Enemies Lv Weakness
Bee 8
Wolf 7
Armadillo 7
Golem 9 Wind
Calaglia Armored Swordsmen 10

(1 of 2) The map for Kyrd Garrison in Calaglia

The map for Kyrd Garrison in Calaglia (left), the map for Cave of Solitude in Calaglia. (right)

Bound and Determined

With the people of Mosgul’s safety on the line, Iron Mask makes a dash back to Mosgul in order to help. The trip isn’t a straightforward one however, you’ll need to make your way through Kyrd Garrison to reach the village. Despite the overly dramatic music playing here, you’re not up against the clock so you can freely explore the area to your heart’s content.

As you start heading east, you’ll reach an intersection that leads south, north or continues east. For now, take the path through to the south and you’ll find a group of Wolves. Once you’ve dealt with them, pocket the Peppers and continue south, searching amongst the rocks to the west for another Mining Point. Keep heading around to the south and you’ll encounter another group consisting of two Wolves and two Calaglia Armored Swordsmen. You fought these at the start of your adventure, but you weren’t able to lose those battles, but these ones are a lot trickier, especially with the Wolves. Focus on taking them out and then wait for the Swordsmen to commit to their attacks and countering them, keeping them in the air helps greatly here.

(1 of 2) A group of Swordsmen guards an outpost to the south

A group of Swordsmen guards an outpost to the south (left), deal with them to find a Chest containing 500 Gald. (right)

Once you’ve dealt with them, search the outpost they were guarding to discover a Chest 500 Gald and some Scrap Meat. Leave the outpost and continue around to the east, harvesting some more Peppers along the way, and you’ll spot an exit to the south. Take the short detour to reach the Cave of Solitude, there’s not much you can achieve here for now, but you’ll find some Pepper to the west, Mushrooms further south and a Rosemary at the far end.

That’s all you can do here for now, so return to Kyrd Garrison and continue east while dispatching the Armadillos along the way. The path will eventually lead back to the main path, and you’ll find an Apple Gel by the tree to your right. Ignore the temptation to head to Mosgul from here, there’s still a lot more of Kyrd Garrison to explore.

Begin by heading north to find another small path leading east and as it opens up, you’ll need to deal with three Wolves. Once you’ve deal with them, head to the end of the path to the south and turn your camera to the left to spot Owl #4 which will hand over the Cat Tail Attachment. Return to the previous intersection and head east to locate and pocket a Verbena and return to the main central path.

(1 of 3) Make a short detour to the Cave of Solitude to find a Rosemary

Start heading back to the west to explore the areas you missed earlier and on along the southern edge is another outpost guarded by more Calaglia Swordsmen. Dispatch them and you’ll find a Chest containing the Grilled Mushrooms Recipe, this will grant a small boost to your Elemental Defense. Head north from here to find a watchtower, climb it and loot the 100 Gald, then drop down and head north to harvest some Mushrooms and use the Mining Point at the end of the path.

Head west from the previous watchtower and you’ll find some vines you can climb, do so and you’ll find an Apple Gel sat near the tree, behind some Bees you’ll need to deal with first. The final item in Kyrd Garrisson can be found by dropping down to the ground and searching the pool of water for a Carp. With the area fully looted, return to the east and head through the gate to enter Mosgul once more.

Save the residents of Mosgul

Items Location
Owl South of Mosgul, on the platform on a cart
Sub-Quests Reward
Forging From Scratch 500 Gald, 165 SP

As soon as you enter Mosgul, Iron Mask will witness an Armored Swordsman standing over the body of a villager, thrusting you straight into battle. The Swordsman is alone, so you’ll have no trouble dealing with him. As you head east, past where Doc’s tent is setup, you’ll hear from the man himself just up the stairs. Head up and you’ll be forced into another battle with a lone Swordsmen which will trigger some scenes after your victory.

Once you regain control after the attack, head to the platform to your right and turn the camera to the left to find Owl #5, this one handing over a Monocle. You can’t explore anymore of Mosgul for now so open the Fast Travel and make your way back to Ulzebek, this will trigger a scene as soon as you arrive. Zephyr will ask you to come inside for the briefing but before that, you’ll be given the mandatory Sub-Quest Forging From Scratch. Do as Dyron asks and head to the Inn, you’ll find a Blacksmith has taken up resident here (and in all future Inns) and speaking with him will begin the tutorial for weapon crafting, a crucial feature for Tales of Arise.

(1 of 2) you'll have to win a series of battles against Calaglia Swordsmen

you'll have to win a series of battles against Calaglia Swordsmen (left), don't forget this Owl before returning to Ulzebek. (right)

You may have already noticed that you’ve been receiving materials from the enemies you’ve been fighting and they’re for this very purpose. On the Forge Weapon screen, you’ll see the current weapons you can forge and the required Materials however some will be locked behind areas you’ll need to progress the story for. For now, you can only forge the Long Sword for Iron Mask, you’ll need to wait until you access a new area for the other sword and Shionne’s weapon. Upgrading your weapons are a large part of Tales of Arise so be sure to check back often and track down the Materials. This will complete the Sub-Quest and also award you 500 Gald and 165 SP. With that short diversion out of the way, head to Zephyr to hear the plan for taking down Lord Balseph.


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