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Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Paul Williams
First Published: 29-01-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 10-09-2020 / 02:15 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 27-09-2020 / 16:18 GMT

Part 1

The first part of the mission entails jumping out of a plane with a wingsuit and experiencing a free-fall. There’s not a whole lot to do here other than avoid the planes below. When the missiles start to appear, you will want to avoid the explosions or they will kill you very quickly. Try to stay on the left hand side of the gameplay area as there seemed to be much fewer missiles exploding in that region. Continue to dodge them until you land on the ground below.

Part 2

As you regain your feet note the building in front. Run over to the left of this and behind it and in the next little area you will find an ‘access’ crate. Open this for a hover drone. Return to where your buddies are taking cover and launch a grenade to destroy the CLAW. Kill any other enemies in the immediate area and proceed up the stairs.

At the top, pop around the corner and kill the gunner on the back of the truck before continuing into the open building straight across from the top of the stairs (it has a ‘26’ written on it). Destroy the machine gun and enemies in here before exiting the back door. From here look over to the left to see a downed plane with an ‘access’ point we can interact with for a kinetic strike weapon.

Return past the door we just exited from and take cover behind the broken concrete pillar. From here, take out the enemies on the catwalk of the building directly behind the pillar. Enter the supply area. Beware that in this area, the enemies on the ground floor with you will be wearing the optical camouflage, so they are almost invisible. As such be very careful as you work your way through the pallets and crates in the area until you reach the stairs opposite our entry point.

Kill the guards that appear on the ledge above the top of the stairs before ascending to the next platform. From here, again eliminate guards overlooking from the platform above before proceeding carefully up the next flight of stairs, killing any additional soldiers that appear. Once at the top, look to the right. See the open building over there? (It has ‘27’ written on it). Head inside this and check the top floor for a piece of [ enemy intelligence (1/3) ] . Return pas the top of the previous stairs and proceed to the next objective marker.

As you approach, a CLAW will activate on the platform just below you and a large group of enemies will let their presence be known in front of the target building. Take out the CLAW with the kinetic strike weapon or grenades and then turn your focus to the enemy troops. Eliminate them and make your way to the entry door. From here try to clear out the atrium before entering as there are a good number of enemies waiting for you.

$$$item 2264

Part 3

When the area is safe enough continue inside and hunt down any remaining enemy combatants. Continue down the stairs at the back of the room and eliminate the hostiles when the door opens at the bottom. Proceed into the room and take cover behind the bench directly in front of the door. Kill the enemies that emerge from the two doors in front and the window to the right. When it’s safe to do so continue through the doors and proceed until you reach the catwalk overlooking a lower room.

At this point, kill any immediate threats before working your way along the catwalk to the right and hacking the ‘access’ panel to take control of the sentry bot below. Proceed down the stairs to the room below and clear the passage to the left of the 2-3 security bots and the small group of infantry before entering. Continue around the corner to the right, killing one last wave of infantry and then proceed into the control room at the end of the corridor.

Inside, run to the left and take cover behind the raised section of the lower level. From here, we have a good view of the rest of the room. There are a pair of stairs on either side of the room opposite with several tiered levels of benches between them, above the stairs are windows at the top of the room.

Four hover drones will smash through the glass on the other side of the room and there are plenty of bad guys covering behind the tiered desks too. When it’s clear, proceed up the stairs and at the third row of desks from the top, look on the left side of the room on a desk for [ enemy intelligence (2/3) ] . Continue to the top of the stairs and enter either door on the side of the room.

$$$item 2265

Part 4

Climb the stairs here, kill the two enemies in the control room and then approach the control panel indicated for a scene.

Afterwards, follow Harper through the now open door. Continue along the hallway, killing enemies as they appear and climb the stairs to the left. At the top there will be two open doors to the left. Try to pick off some of the enemies in here. There are a large number located within and killing a few will get the ones with the camouflage (invisibility) to move out of the room to attack you, so take this opportunity to eliminate them.

Continue through the next room and out the door on the opposite side, ensuring to wipe out any reaming hostiles. Proceed down the stairs in the next room eliminating the enemies here, they consist of both regular and invisible guys and they will be receiving additional support from the windows above. When you’ve cleared the area, continue through the open door to the left. As you enter, take cover behind the boxes to the left.

There are 4-5 invisible enemies up on the top deck who will begin shooting at you. Take them out when you can and after the shooting stops, find the stairs leading down, follow the pat around the outside of the room and you will find [ enemy intelligence (3/3) ] sitting in the dark on a crate. Return to the previous level and then climb the stairs to the top of the room and work your way over to where Harper is waiting for you at the open doorway and continue to the end of the hallway killing the two invisible dudes along the way.

Once you hit the doorway, you’ll be in an interactive scene. Shoot the targets on the way down. At the bottom choose to either kill or capture the target to end the mission.

$$$item 2266

Trophy icon
Dead or Alive

Jailor or executioner.

Trophy icon
Death from Above

Stop Menendez once and for all.


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