Part 1

When you finally gain control, our character will be in what I’m going to call rage mode. The screen will be tinged red, enemies move in slow motion and he is practically indestructible. Continue down the hill and melee the soldiers that get in your way. When you reach the village, the rage mode will end, returning you to normal. Work your way beneath the building to the left, killing enemies as you go and climb up the staircase to the left a little further ahead. Continue into the open room in front.

As you exit to the street on the other side, rage mode will reinitiate, so go and beat down all of the soldiers in the immediate area. After a few moments you will return to normal mode. Continue up the hill nearby and kill the soldiers that come down to meet you. At the top of the hill interact with the door to the left.

Avoid the horses and then work your way through the burning barn. At the far end of the barn near the exit, look on the back of the wagon for [ enemy intelligence (1/3) ] . Exit the barn and continue through the open gate to the right. Proceed towards the objective marker in the distance, killing all the baddies that get in the way. Wait for the machine gun truck to ram down the gate and then enter behind it.

Carefully make your way over to the left side of the courtyard and eliminate the enemies in the room beyond the open door before continuing inside. Climb the stairs here and interact with the door at the top for a scene.

$$$item 2243

Part 2

Now it’s Mason’s time to shine! Follow Hudson and woods down the nearby hill and as you reach the river, take out the machine guns in the window of the building to the left and another in the building on the right. Climb out of the water and move up between the buildings, take cover and have a look around the corner to the left. Eliminate the enemies as they come, watching the balconies and rooftops and being sure not to kill any of the civilians that are running around. Clear the area and note you can enter the house on your right to find a locked ‘access’ crate we can open for Molotov cocktails.

Exit the building and continue up the road. At the next building, remove the machine gunner from the window in the right and clear out anyone else running around the area. Work your way past the house and up the stone stairs behind. Kill any enemies in the windows of the house to the right and from the roof on the left. Kill any other enemies at ground level before moving up to the objective marker.

Run up and take cover behind the well on the right. From here eliminate the machine gun truck that approaches and the rest of the bad guys populating the open area in front. Make your way over to the objective marker and take cover. Look up the hill to the right and use your sniper rifle to shoot the snipers in the windows and on the balconies here before proceeding onwards. Work your way between cover as you climb the hill as there are a number of enemies that will attack you at this point and when you get a clear shot, take out the machine gunner on the back of the truck in the middle of the road ahead.

Move up to the building and kill any more hostiles in the immediate area before heading inside. Clear the room and continue upstairs. Wait for your buddies to open the door and then follow them through. After a short scene, check out and ‘access’ the garage door to the right of the objective marker for some mortars.

Return outside and take cover behind the fountain. Take out the sniper in the bell tower and any other infantry that emerge from the entrance below him and any additional forces defending the stairs. When you are able to do so safely, run up to the bell tower and hop in the opening. Kill any enemies guarding the opposite door before climbing the ladder in the room. Halfway to the top, you should be able to see [ enemy intelligence (2/3) ] so hop off and grab that before climbing all the way to the top.

From here we have a nice view of the courtyard and of all the baddies in similar elevated positions. Take out the sniper opposite your current position and then the RPG soldiers on the balcony to the tower’s left, next snipe the sniper in the tower to the left of the main building and then finally kill the guy/s manning the machinegun nest in the courtyard directly in front of the balcony. Afterwards, just clear out any additional hostile elements in the courtyard below and when you are ready, return to ground level, mop up any surviving enemy combatants and proceed with your crew into the building.

Drop down the hole in the floor here when the trapdoor opens. At the bottom, interact with the ‘access’ door to the left for a machete and a whole room full of guns that you can choose to take with you if you like. When ready, return outside and enter the open door to the right.

Kill the cartel guys in the drug making area below to the left. Continue through the sunken area here, moving from cover to cover and popping anyone that sticks their head out. When you climb up the stairs on the opposite side, duck into the room immediately to the left and look on the bench for [ enemy intelligence (3/3) ] . Exit back to the hallway and kill the enemies guarding the next room. As you enter you will see some bad guys trying to burn evidence. Kill then and look around the corner to their right. Examine the folder on the table here for CIA evidence (this is one of the level challenges).

Clear the rest of the room and wait for Woods to open the next door. Climb the ladder here. After the scene, enter the small tiled area to the left and clear the room. Head up the stairs at the back and meet woods at the door for a scene to complete the mission.

$$$item 2244

$$$item 2245

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Driven by Rage

Take down Menendez and his operation.


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