Part 1

As you start the mission, follow the white suit through the doors and through the hallway here until he reaches the door. A scene will play as you approach.

Once its done, descend the stairs, take out all of those annoying flying drones and head over to the right hand side of the square. Just by the exit, you will find an open door to the left. Climb the stairs inside and pick up the [ enemy intelligence (1/3) ] off the floor, continue up the next set of stairs and interact with the chest up here for an optical camouflage suit.

Return back down the stairs and exit the square. We are now in a large open area with the goals of fighting through enemy re-enforcements and reaching the objective marker in the distance. There is an open marketplace area on the left side of the area and a building and some side alleys on the right. At the far left of the area, you’ll find a hallway with an ‘access’ locker at the end we can open for a sword.

I suggest moving through the market area as there is an abundance of cover. At the end of the marketplace, you’ll find yourself in a courtyard with the well in the centre of it. Eliminate any more remaining hostiles and continue round the building to the right and approach the objective marker, a plane will crash in front of you.

Enter the open doorway to the left of the plane’s cockpit, climb the stairs and exit to the next area. Here you’ll see some friendly’s in cover ahead to the right. Kill any of those hover drones before heading past your buddies and through the alleyway behind them. From the balcony here, shoot any drones in the area and you can kill some enemies in the open area below if you feel like it. When you are ready, work your way over to the opposite end of the balcony.

Head through either the courtyard to the left or the door to the right and you’ll find yourself in a square room surrounded by pillars. Eliminate the infantry, security bot and hover drones here. Once they are dead, proceed to the arches on the opposite side of the room.

You’ll see a hover plan enter and drop some additional troops. We are on a raised section of pavement adjacent to a road with another raised area beyond it. You guessed it! We have to kill all the enemies further ahead on the platform across the other side of the street. There are a number of infantry units here as well as a pair of security bots and a hover drone or two. If you look to the right as you enter the area and follow the path all the way to the end, you’ll find an ‘access’ gate we can open. Climb the stairs and you’ll exit to a balcony overlooking the area. Use the turret here to help thin out the enemy forces!

When it’s safe to do so, return to the ground level and mop up any remaining enemies. Head over to the new objective marker for a scene. During the scene you will have the option to shoot either of the targets.

$$$item 2255

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Ultimate Sacrifice

Only one can survive.

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Part 2

You’ll now be in control of a helicopter mini gun, so take out all the enemies on the street below and watch out for RPGs from the rooftops either side of the street. After a brief flight you’ll jump out to the ground below. We are now in the area where the scene just took place.

Continue down the alley to the far left of the area. As you exit the alleyway you will be in another open street area. I would recommend either entering the door just to the left (note that there is another piece of [ enemy intelligence (2/3) ] in here in the corner behind some boxes) or sprinting over to and climbing the stairs to the right. Either way you go, proceed through the balconies and rooms on the upper level until you reach the far side, use the passage here to enter the next section of the level.

Take cover behind the rocks or the cart on the left and eliminate the enemies in the building on the right side of the area. When the building is clear, move inside and through to the other side. From the balconies here, destroy the enemy forces on the ground below. Continue forward and take either the left or the right path (either way you will run into a bunch of enemies). Fight your way to the other side and don’t forget that you have hover drone support! Note that you can also move back and forward between the paths thanks to two dirt passages along the way, this is great for flanking.

At the end, take out the enemies in the building and continue out the far side. Again clear the area immediately outside to proceed. As you work your way along the trail, take out the enemies occupying the building in front, but also be sure to pay attention to the buildings over on the rocky outcrop to the right – there are a number of bad guys over here with RPGs and you’ll want to take them out ASAP to make your passage a little easier. When it’s safe to do so, climb the stairs up the side of the house in front and find the ladder leading to the roof. Up here you will find [ enemy intelligence (3/3) ] . Drop back down and this time enter the house and descend the stairs all the way to the bottom.

Exit the door and proceed across the bridge, ventilating any soldiers that get in your way. At the end of the bridge, climb the stairs to the left and at the top, there will be a large number of hostiles in the immediate area. Take the left stairs to gain the high ground to make things a little easier to clear the area. Work your way over to the objective marker for a scene to end the mission.

$$$item 2256

$$$item 2257

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Deep Cover

Capture Menendez.

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