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Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Paul Williams
First Published: 29-01-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:25 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 20-09-2019 / 23:17 GMT

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Guide

7 months ago · Guide Information

Campaign Walkthrough

Act 6: Karma

Part 1

After hopping off the helicopter, follow your buddies down the stairs and into the building. Work your way through the security checkpoints and the restaurant until you reach the elevator. Once you get off the elevator, kill the two enemies in front and follow Salazar down the hall to the left. Approach the desk for a scene.

You are now in control of a spider robot. Follow the vent to the right and up to the next level. Continue until you see three guys through the grating in the room ahead. Zap the control panel to the left. Continue up the nearby ramp, down the tunnel and when you reach the fences, crawl up the wall and climb over the pulled back corners. In the open area, use the pipes to the left to continue over to the far side of the room and jump across into the tunnel beyond. Continue to the end of the path and zap the red button for a scene.

During the scene you will need to zap the man when you will be able to hit him until he goes down. When we are back in control of Mason, use the nearby retina scanner to open the door. Clear the room and check out the door on the left marked with an ‘Access’ marker and hack the server indicated. Return to the main room and check the desk to the right of the objective marker for a piece of [ enemy intelligence (1/3) ] . Enter the room at the back of the area and interact with the console. Follow the on-screen button prompts.


Part 2

Return to the entrance to the room and exit. Clear the area we came from which is now filled with enemy soldiers. Head to the objective marker nearby and the door will burst open. Again clear the room beyond and any enemies that enter from the right hand hallway. Work your way down the hallway to the right, using the side rooms for cover as you go.

When you reach the far end of the room, guards will pop smoke in the open room below. Clear them out and then enter the elevator nearby. After getting off proceed straight across the room and into the bar. Continue through the bar until you reunite with Harper on the dance floor.

After the scene, you will be in an on-rails kind of sequence in which you and Harper will work your way across the room to the left in slow motion. When you are able, shoot the enemies on the dance floor. Once they are all dead a scene will play.

Part 3

When you regain control, enter the room to the right and interact with the ‘access’ door here for electrified brass knuckles. Exit and follow the passage around to the right until you reach the mall.

The mall is a large open room that we will need to clear in order to proceed. If you drop down to the ground level, if you look in the open store to the right of the area you’ll find another piece of [ enemy intelligence (2/3) ] on the counter. Continue up the stairs at the far end of the mall and descend into the next area.

As you enter a section of the roof will collapse in front. Continue over to the left and open the ‘access’ door here for a security bot to help you out. Proceed a little further and approach Salazar to open the door to the next zone. Enter the door and continue down the stairs.

From the doorway, eliminate the defence drones in the outdoor area. Turn to the right and follow the wall all the way along until you can go no further. You can continue to the far side of the area from the entrance, climb the stairs here and work your way through the enemies inside before descending the stairs (alternatively, from the entrance you can continue along the wall to the right and then follow the fountain all the way left) around into the next segment of the large open area with the objective marker on the far side of it.

Work your way across to the far side of the room towards the objective marker, being sure to clear out the drones and soldiers as you move through the area. Note that on the far right side of the room from where you entered the area you will find [ enemy intelligence (3/3) ] .

Climb the stairs at the back of the area and head over to the left towards the objective marker, if you are quick enough you will be able to kill the target in this area, if not he will escape. Either way, the game will move on. Continue through the open doorway here and climb the stairs for a quick scene.


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