1. Avoid all anti-air missiles

At the start of the mission you will be freefalling towards the base below. As you do a bunch of missiles will come up and explode around you. For the challenge we need to avoid them all. The best place to do this is on the left most side of the playing area as most of the missiles will not come close, a couple will though and as long as you time it right you should have no trouble dodging them.

2. Destroy ALL laser turrets

You will find laser turrets situated atop buildings in the main area that you land in. They look like spotlights and there are six of them.

3. Destroy enemy quad drones (x3) while disabled

Hit a quad rotor hover drone with an EMP grenade and whilst it is short-circuited destroy it. Do this thrice to complete the challenge. There are a number of these throughout the mission so you should have no trouble knocking three of them over!

4. Perform sniper kills (x10) from more than 40m distance

Pick a load out with a sniper rifle and when you drop down to the ground, use the sniper rifle to pick off enemies you can see in the distance. pop 10 of them to complete the challenge.

5. Melee camouflaged enemy personnel (x3)

In the cargo area between building 26 and the main building you will encounter a number of cloaked enemies. Run up and melee attack three of them to complete the challenge. There are some additional cloaked enemies in the large circular room just prior to the very end of the mission if you cannot meet your quota outside the base.

6. Direct quad drones to eliminate enemy CLAW

From the start, run behind the building in front to find a cargo crate we can access for a quad rotor hover drone. Before entering the base at the end of the outdoor area you will need to destroy a CLAW. Direct the hover drone to destroy it to complete the challenge.

7. Eliminate enemy personnel (x5) with one strike of the kinetic projectile weapon

If you head through building 26 and out the far side you will find an access point in some rubble we can open for a kinetic projectile weapon. Usin gthis calls a missile strike down wherever you target it. Kill 5 enemies with it to complete the challenge. Note you must do this before going inside.

8. Protect ASD resource to the objective location

Just before you reach the large control room, you will find an access point on a computer console that allows you to hack an ASD in a nearby room. Once you have hacked it, head over to its location and escort it into the control room unscathed to complete the challenge.

9. Collect intel (x3)

  • Outside the main base in the building marked with a large '27. You will find it on the second floor.
  • When you reach the control centre with the semi-circular tiered seating arrangement. This can be found on a desk on the left side of the room three rows from the top.
  • After reaching the large, circular room with the invisible guys. Instead of climbing to the the top, look for stairs leading down into the darkened room below. You will find the final piece of intelligence sitting down here on a crate.
  • **10. 100% survivability rating**

    Complete the mission without dying.

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