Part 1

When you are back in control, walk over to the nearby door for a scene. After you regain control, head back through the door and open the ‘access’ chest on the bench for some electrified brass knuckles. Continue into the armoury and take any weapon you feel like. Return to the main room and exit through the now marked door.

As you enter, take cover to the right and kill the bad guys in the corridor in front. Note that any security systems you see are now under enemy control so you will have to contend with them as well, staring with the sentry turret on the roof. Enter the room to the right and open the door directly in front. Examine the bench to the right for ‘Personal effects’. Return to the hallway and continue along, killing enemies as you go until you reach the stairs at the end.

Climb the stairs and continuing around the platform around to the right. Kill the enemies guarding the hallway and enter the objective marked door at the end. Stay in cover here as there is a sentry turret on the roof just down the hallway nearby. Wait until it stops shooting and duck out to shoot at it until it blows up. Note there are 3-4 infantry soldiers in the hallway here too that will try to shoot you at the same time, so juggle between shooting each of them until it’s all clear.

Go into the hallway and enter the door to the right. Access the panel marked with ‘access’ on the wall here to hack the turret in the next room. Use it to clear out the enemies inhabiting the area. When clear, proceed into the room and enter the door on the right of the main room. Clear the hallway here and grab the [ enemy intelligence (1/3) ] off the far right control panel here before interacting with the indicated panel.

Continue down the stairs and head around the corner to the left. Follow the passage to the end, note that you can pick off enemies on the deck below from the platform if you wish. At the end of the passage, enter the door to the left and continue down the stairs. Kill the enemies in the room and any more that rush into the door from the far side of the room.

Head down the stairs that the enemies just arrived from and at the bottom, clear them out of the hallway along with the sentry turret on the roof at the far end. To the right of this hallway is a control room, with another hallway on the far side. From the start of the hallway our goal is to get down to the stairs on the far right of the room. So work your way through the three areas here and climb down at the end.

As you reach the open door at the bottom immediately take cover behind the doorframe. From here, pick off the enemies in the room and the turret to the right of the area. When things quiet down, enter the door and hack the panel in the corner. With the turret, wipe out any remaining enemy resistance.

Exit the turret and climb down the stairs in the adjacent room. Enter the door to the right to find yourself in a room with a giant red and yellow structure in the centre. Clear the enemies out of this room and head through the doorway on the left at the back of the room. Climb the stairs marked with the objective marker and enter the door at the top when your buddy opens it for you. Make your way to the guy seated in the corner and interact for a short scene.

Part 2

$$$item 2258

When you regain control you will be in the shoes of someone else, climb the stairs and walk up to the target for a scene. At the end you will be given an option to kill or wound him. Watch the scene.

Afterwards we’ll be back in control of Mason. Crawl through the hole in the wall to the right and move through the vent until you exit into the bridge room. Walk up to the console here for another short scene.

Once the sequence is over, Harper will join you, so follow him through the now open door nearby. Go down the stairs and through the control room at the bottom. Before going through the door at the far side of the area, climb the stairs to the right to find another piece of [ enemy intelligence (2/3) ] . Return down the stairs and continue after Harper through the door.

$$$item 2259

Part 3

Drop down to the hangar below and walk up to Salazar for a scene. Afterwards, cruise out the open door and take cover behind the broken pieces of airplane fuselage here. This outdoor platform is a lift and as it moves upwards, a good number of enemies are going to look over from the ledge above and shoot at you. So from cover take as many out as you can when you feel it’s safe to do so. At the top, stand up and remove any more hostiles from the immediate area.

We’re now on the top deck of the carrier and there is debris scattered all over the area. This is goo because it means lots of cover! We need to work our way to the objective marker over to the right. As you move towards the marker, stick to the right hand side of the area, in the second intact V-TOL you will find another piece of [ enemy intelligence (3/3) ] . Continue to work your way across to the marked VTOL for a scene to complete the mission.

$$$item 2260

Trophy icon
Sinking Star

Interrogate Menendez.


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