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Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Paul Williams
First Published: 29-01-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 22-01-2020 / 10:55 GMT

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Guide

3 months ago · Guide Information

Campaign Challenges Guide

Achilles\' Veil

1. Destroy enemy quad drones (x20)

You need to kill 20 enemy quad drones (the hover drones) over the course of the mission. There are plenty of them around, so with a concerted effort you shouldn’t have too much trouble with this one.

2. Eliminate enemy personnel (x20) with sword

In the first building, look for a cupboard on the left hand side of the room you can access for the sword. Once you have that, simply kill 20 enemies with it over the course of the mission.

3. Melee enemy personnel (x20) while using optical camo

On the right hand side of the starting area you will find a set of stairs leading up. At the top is an access point you can open for the optical camo. Activate this and meleee an enemy. Repeat this another 19 times to complete the challenge.

4. Destroy enemy quad drones (x8) with turret

Once you reach the open area with the two raised footpaths and the road in the centre, head to the far right side of the area where you can find an access door. Open this and climb to the top to find a turret. Use this to shoot down hover drones until the objective is complete.

5. Eliminate enemy personnel (x5) by exploding vehicles

There are a few cars around this level, so when you see them, wait for an enemy soldier to go and stand next to it and then destroy the vehicle to kill him. Repeat with additional enemies until the challenge is complete.

6. Destroy enemy ASD (x4) while disabled

Hit an ASD with an EMP grenade and whilst it is short-circuited, destroy it. Do this four times to complete the challenge.

7. Eliminate enemy personnel (x5) as VTOL gunner

During the mid-mission showdown with menendez, choose to shoot Menendez. Once the scene unfolds, you will be in control of a VTOL gunner. Kill 5 enemies to complete the challenge.

8. Direct quad drones to eliminate enemy personnel (x25)

After the mid-mission confrontation with menendez, players will then take control of Mason. After exiting the street and proceeding through some alleyways, you will be informed that you now have quadrotor hover drone support. Use these to target and kill 25 enemies to complete the challenge.

9. Collect intel (x3)

  • After the speech at the start of the mission, fight your way across to the far side of the square. On the right hand side of the area, just by the exit, you will find an open door to the left. Climb the stairs inside and pick up the enemy intelligence off the floor.
  • 2. After the showdown scene and the helicopter gunship entrance, continue down the nearby alley. In the next street, work your way through the buildings on the left hand side. You will find this one behind some boxes in the corner of one of the rooms.
  • 3. As you make your way along the cliffside, before crossing the bridge, climb to the top of the farthest building from the direction you came. At the top you will find this piece of intel.
  • **10. 100% survivability rating**

    Complete the mission without dying.

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