Core Gametypes

**Game Type** **Description**
Team Deathmatch Team Deathmatch is the stock standard Call of Duty multiplayer mode. Two teams, the first to reach the specified score limit wins the day!
Multi-Team Similar to Team Deathmatch, but with an additional team. The winner is the first of the three teams to reach the score limit.
Free-For-All As would be guessed from the title of the mode, its every player alone against the others. First to the score limit is the victor.
Kill Confirmed Similar to Team Deathmatch, but in this mode, you must go and collect the dog tags from fallen enemies in order for the kill to count towards the score. The team to reach the limit first wins.
Domination Three flags are placed in set locations throughout the map and teams must capture and hold onto them to earn points. The more flags you have in your possession, the more points you earn. The first team to reach the designated score will win the match.
Demolition Teams take turns attacking and defending a pair of targets. The attackers must interact with the target to plant an explosive on it and then defend it until it explodes whilst the defenders need to stop them.
Search & Destroy Very similar to the Demolition game mode except there are no respawns.
Hardpoint A king of the hill style game mode. A series of hard point locations appear around the map and players need to capture and hold onto these zones in order to earn points.
Headquarters Similar to the Hardpoint gametype except that a team will have to stand near a target to capture it and then defend it to earn points. Whilst in control of the HQ, the team will earn points, but will not be able to have its members respawn, giving the attackers an edge.
Capture The Flag Two teams, two flags one at each starting location. The goal of this mode is to bring the enemy's flag back to your own to cature it. The team first to achieve the required number of captures wins the match.

Party Games

**Game Type** **Description**
Gun Game Killing players with a weapon will cause you to change to another weapon. Get a kill with this and the same thing will happen again. You must continue to do this until you get a kill with every gun. First player to accomplish this will win the game.
One In The Chamber Players will start the game with three lives, a pistol with a single bullet and a knife. Instant kills are activated and killing an enemy will earn you another bullet. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.
Sharpshooter Weapons will change up every 45 seconds and players will earn perks and other bonuses for killing multiple opponents in a row without dying. The player with the highest score wins!
Sticks And Stones Players are armed with a crossbow, a ballistic knife and a combat axe. The twist? A combat axe will reset an enemy score to zero. The player with the highest score at the conclusion of the match will be victorious.

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