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Call of Duty Black Ops II
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Paul Williams
First Published: 29-01-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:25 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 20-08-2019 / 17:32 GMT

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Multiplayer Weapons

Combat Equipment

Combat Equipment: Lethal


Unlock: The Grenade is unlocked at level 04.

In-game Notes: Produces lethal radius damage upon detonation.

Additional note: You can 'cook' grenades, by holding onto them before throwing them to reduce detonation time when thrown.


Unlock: The Semtex is unlocked at level 04.

In-game Notes: Grenade that sticks to surface before detonating.

Combat Axe

Unlock: The Combat Axe is unlocked at level 17.

In-game Notes: Retrievable axe that causes instant death on impact.

Bouncing Betty

Unlock: The Bouncing Betty is unlocked at level 28.

In-game Notes: Proximity mine that launches into the air before detonating. Can be avoided by crouching or going prone.


Unlock: The Bouncing Betty is unlocked at level 41.

In-game Notes: A plastic explosive device that is detonated remotely by double tapping the interact button.


Unlock: The Claymore is unlocked at level 53.

In-game Notes: Directional anti-personnel mine that triggers a proximity-based explosion.

Combat Equipment: Tactical


Unlock: The Concussion is unlocked at level 04 .

In-game Notes: Disorients enemies and slows movement.

Smoke Grenade

Unlock: The Smoke Grenade is unlocked at level 04.

In-game Notes: Produces a smoke screen immediately upon impact.

Sensor Grenade

Unlock: The Sensor Grenade is unlocked at level 06.

In-game Notes: Detects enemy soldiers within line of sight.

EMP Grenade

Unlock: The EMP Grenade is unlocked at level 11.

In-game Notes: Disables nearby enemy electronic systems.

Shock Charge

Unlock: The Shock Charge is unlocked at level 23.

In-game Notes: Proximity triggered mine that electrocutes and stuns nearby enemies.

Black Hat

Unlock: The Black Hat ability is unlocked at level 25.

In-game Notes: Hack equipment and care packages, or disable enemy vehicles.


Unlock: The Flashbang is unlocked at level 29.

In-game Notes: Blinds and impairs hearing.

Trophy System

Unlock: The Trophy System is unlocked at level 47.

In-game Notes: Destroys incoming enemny projectiles within 10 meters. Vehicle missiles have a chance to penetrate.

Tactical Insertion

Unlock: The Tactical Insertion is unlocked at level 47.

In-game Notes: Drop-Zone beacon that allows you to place your next spawn point. Unavailable in free-for-all game modes.

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