Part 1

As you start the mission, you will be chest deep in water setting up a CLAW unit as your buddies are trying to hold the door closed. Once the level begins, you will notice that there is another CLAW unit nearby and you are able to use your additional weapons button to paint targets for them to attack.

Before exiting the first room, look on the shelving to the right to find a piece of [ enemy intelligence (1/3) ] . Continue out the door and work your way to the far end of the building using the CLAWs to your advantage, note that you can hack one of the CLAW’s flamethrowers if you wish. As you reach the door at the far side of the area the CLAWs will malfunction and stop for a few moments.

Clear out any enemies in the doorway and across the streets and they will resume moving. Follow them out of the building.

The CLAWs will wander off to the left, go across the street here and use the access panel on the wall to open a garage roller door. The CLAWS will head in here, leaving you and the rest of your team to work your way up the street. If you open the access doors, the CLAWs will be able to assist you from balconies along the left hand side of the street (using the CLAWs to attack enemies from the balconies is a challenge, kill 8 of them to complete it).

You can use the broken walls on either side of the street and the cars and other structures in the middle of the street as cover and move up to the large archway. Continue around the corner to the right killing any more enemies here before cruising over to where Harper is waiting for you at a gate. Mash the button that appears on the screen to continue.

Climb the stairs and at the top, look down the alleyway immediately to the right for another piece of [ enemy intelligence (2/3) ] next to an ammo crate. Return to the main hallway and continue straight ahead. Follow Harper down the path and hop over the sandbags at the end.

Take note of the helicopter with the searchlight in this area. If the searchlight hits you, you will be destroyed in an instant – so stay clear. When it’s safe to do so, chase Harper along the left hand wall stopping where he stops and following him when he runs. Continue through the building and out the other side. Turn right and continue to follow Harper up the street until you enter a building through a hole.

As soon as you enter the building, look at the rubble straight in front for another piece of [ enemy intelligence (3/3) ] . Follow Harper through the building until he stops facing a sewer pipe with guards patrolling above. Kill them both when instructed and then proceed across the area and enter the pipe after Harper opens it for you. Continue through the sewer and climb the stairs around the corner. You can access the door to the left walk inside to overhear a conversation for some additional intel (Soc-T intel).

Exit back to the previous room and follow Harper down the next tunnel. Ascend the stairs at the end and head over to the objective marker until a scene plays.

$$$item 2246

$$$item 2247

$$$item 2248

Part 2

After the scene, look up at the building in front and hit the button on screen to shoot a rope up there. Once on the rooftop, note that those pesky helicopters are still flying around – so stay out of their spotlights! Take out the guard on the right with a melee attack. After a quick moment, you will be asked to scan the courtyard for our target. The people you want to scan are the two guys having in a conversation in the courtyard below standing just in front of the armoured vehicle.

After they move out of range as before, follow Harper as he moves across the rooftop and drops down to the area below. Go prone here and look through the fence in front. Again scan the target as he walks past. He’ll move out of range again.

Climb up the boxes nearby and follow Harper through the door on the rooftop. Once Harper kills the bad guy in here, walk up to the window and look below and to the right to find the target again. Continue to scan him, scan the man he stops to talk with as well. After the conversation, exit out the nearby door and follow Harper across the rooftop again.

Drop down and continue to the left, cross the tin roof and hop over the fence on the next rooftop. Once you land on the ground melee the guard in front. Enter the door to the right in front of the vehicle and mosey up to the window. Again scan the target. When the train blocks your line of sight, wait for Harper to open the path, hop in the water and climb out the far side to enter the next area.

Part 3

It’s time to escape! Swim after Harper and climb out using the stairs. Continue through the hallway and into the vehicle bay killing enemies as you go. When you reach the vehicle bay, Harper will hang out at the next door, from here look out the window and take out soldiers in the courtyard beyond. After a short amount of time, Harper will prompt you to use the CLAW, so hit the specified button to switch to controlling it.

The CLAW has a flamethrower and a Gatling gun on it. Kill the enemies in front and then, turn to the right and clear the rest of the room in front (including vehicle) from cover. When you are told about RPG’s on the rooftop, switch to the second CLAW and kill them and the helicopters in the immediate area. Switch between the CLAWs until the area is completely clear or until they are both destroyed.

When this happens, Harper will open the door. Leg it over to the armoured vehicle that arrives and hop inside to be treated to another short scene.

Part 4

You’ll now be on-rails in control of a helicopter’s weaponry. Clear the road of vehicles and the rooftops of enemies and destroy the barricade.

Now we’re behind the wheel of a car! The goal is to follow Salazar through the streets whilst avoiding enemy fire. Race straight ahead down the linear area; continue through the glass wall in front into the shopping complex and out the back side.

Continue to follow the road and when the enemy vehicles appear use the boost button to ram them and one of the on-screen button prompts to finish them off. After a short while, continue onto the highway to the left and when you reach the roadblock drop down to the right and continue up and through the fallen building. Proceed through the lobby of the building in front and boost through the vehicles blocking the exit.

When you reach the sewer area, avoid the explosions and falling objects and at the end drive up and through the covered tunnel. Continue through the building here and motor all the way to the far end of the area avoiding the obstacles along the way. Stick to the right hand side of the area here to avoid the flames close to the end, if you don’t you’ll miss an achievement/trophy and Harper will spend the rest of the game with a burned face.

When you reach the objective marker, hop out of the vehicle and continue to the objective marker to end the mission.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Hey Good Looking

Plastic surgery avoided

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Trophy/Achievement Icon


Gather information on Raul Menendez' suspected terrorist plot.

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