1. Eliminate enemy personnel (x3) while they are planting IED

As you progress through the mission, you will see enemies stop a distance in front of the convoy and plant IEDs. When you see them doing this, send out your hover drones or ASDs.

2. Eliminate enemy personnel (x10) on horseback

Take control of any unit on the ground and use it to kill 10 enemies that come in to attack on horseback.

3. Convoy never stopped by presence of an IED

Keep an eye out in front of the convoy and when you identify that an IED is present, send out your ASDs to mop it up immediately. As long as you remain vigilant, you should have no trouble clearing these before the convoy comes to a stop.

4. Destroy tanks (x3) with kinetic projectile weapon

Use the kinetic projectile weapon to call down a missile on a tank. Repeat three times. Note that this ability had a lengthy cool down time on it, so be sure to use it as soon as it is available.

5. Destroy helo with kinetic projectile weapon

Use the kinetic projectile weapon to call down a missile strike on a helicopter. Fairly self explanatory!

6. Eliminate enemy personnel (x20) as a quad drone

Take control of an Quad rotor hover drone and use it shoot and kill an enemy infantry unit. Repeat another 19 times to complete the challenge.

7. Run over enemy personnel (x10) as ASD

Take control of an ASD and use it to run over an enemy infantry unit. Repeat another 9 times to complete the challenge.

8. Use only ASDs to destroy tanks

As listed in the description, keep your ASDs at the ready and only use them to attack the tanks that appear throughout the level. Much easier to control this through the tactical view.

9. Keep all vehicles in convoy safe

All four vehicles in the convoy must make it safely to the end of the level. This is not easy and I would recommend switching to an easier difficulty and staying in tactical mode for the duration of the mission.

10. Complete the mission in “tactical view” only

As described. As soon as the mission starts, switch to tactical view and don’t exit it for the remainder of the mission. Follow the guides above and you should be able to polish them off without much trouble.

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