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How to Use the Element Grid

Vincent Lau

This page explains how to use the Element Grid in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

The Element Grid is a series of slots where you can equip Elements, so they can be wielded in battle.

Structure of the Element Grid

As its name suggests, the Element Grid is a 2-dimensional grid that goes from left to right and top to bottom.

Each column of the Element Grid represents an Element Level. As you go right, the Element Level will increase, starting from 1 and going all the way to 8. Naturally, the higher the Element Level, the stronger the Elements.

Meanwhile, the rows of the Element Grid are less important; it just means you get more space to assign Elements.

How to Expand the Element Grid

At the very beginning, you won’t have a full Element Grid to play with. Instead, each character begins with a small, restricted Element Grid.

Whenever you obtain a Growth Star (from defeating bosses), additional slots may be added to every characters’ Element Grid. Not every character will gain slot(s) at the same time; every character’s Element Grid growth is different.

How to Allocate Elements

To assign Elements, select the “Elements” option from the main menu whenever you’re exploring. Then pick “Allocate”.

On the right pane, there are two options near the top:

  • Remove All: Remove all Elements from the selected character.
  • Remove: Remove individual Elements from the selected character.

Pressing Right will swap these options so they become:

  • Auto Allocate: The game will automatically assign Elements into existing and empty slots for the selected character or the whole party.
  • Fill Blanks: The game will automatically assign Elements into empty slots only for the selected character or the whole party.

If you scroll down from these options, you can manually select Elements from your inventory and place them in existing or empty slots.

Finally, if you press Left from the Remove All/Remove options or press Right from the Auto-Allocate/Fill Blank options, you can scroll through the character’s Element Grid at each Level. This will also let you manually remove assigned Elements.

How to Modify Elements (and Restrictions)

When assigning Elements, where you place them on the Element Grid is very important.

Each Element has a Level X +/- Y value.

The X value indicates the Element’s standard Level position on the grid. If you place the Element at that Level position, it will have its standard efficiency.

The Y value indicates the Level range from the default Level position where you can place that Element. If you place it in a position that’s lower, the Element will have reduced efficiency; if it’s in a higher position, its efficiency will be increased.

For each Level position above/below the default Level, the Element’s efficiency will be increased/decreased by 25%.

For example, Electro-Jolt is Lv. 2 +/- 6. If you place it in the Level 2 position, you’ll get a bog-standard Electro-Jolt. Placing it in the Level 1 position will give you Electro-Jolt -1, which deals 25% less damage. But put it in the Level 8 position and you’ll get Electro-Jolt +6, which deals 150% more damage!


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