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Nikki's Path: How to Enter Viper Manor

Staci Miller

This is everything you need to know about how to enter Viper Manor from the Shadow Forest with Nikki in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

How to Leave the Shadow Forest

This path, out of the three, is quite difficult, so make sure you stock up on items and health and are good to go.

Once you’ve recruited Nikki, you should pick up the Aroma Pouch. Head out of the underwater cave and around to the right to use it on a tree. When you see a puff of pollen, go back into the cave and pick up the blue creature which will now follow you. Lead it to the Quadfidd outside of the path, blocking your route onwards, and it will be eaten. You’ll then have to fight the Quadfidd.

Once you’ve defeated the Quadfidd, you can head through the path to the end of Shadow Forest but before you get there, you’ll have to engage in a boss fight.

Boss Battle: Zoah, Solt, & Peppor

(1 of 2) Zoah is a new character for the boss battles

Zoah is a new character for the boss battles (left), As always, they have lessons to teach (right)


HP Attack Magic Attack Defense Magic Defense Element
200 14 6 0 0 Yellow


HP Attack Magic Attack Defense Magic Defense Element
80 9 7 0 0 Yellow


HP Attack Magic Attack Defense Magic Defense Element
90 10 5 0 0 Yellow

How to Defeat Zoah, Solt, & Peppor

Zoah, Solt, & Peppor shouldn’t prove to be too much of a challenge if you’ve made it this far and fought monsters along the way for experience. They’ll teach you about Summon Elements.

Get rid of Solt & Peppor before moving onto Zoah, who has the most HP. Solt & Peppor have a combo attack they can use which causes a lot of damage, so getting rid of them first to prevent the consequences of this is ideal.

Your path will then be clear to infiltrate Viper Manor.

How to Enter Viper Manor with Nikki

Your path is easy, going straight north to enter the manor. However, insects will be streaming out of a hole in the wall which means plenty of random encounters as you struggle up this path. You can attempt to keep going and fighting them, or you can immediately go to the left and walk up the wall.

Defeat the monster standing next to a boulder. You can then roll the boulder up the wall and plug the hole, effectively stopping the stream of monsters.

Push the boulder up to stop the stream.

Once you’ve done this, head back down and around and walk up the water and through two entrances at the top.

From here, it's straight up to the grounds of Viper Manor!

Once you’ve done this, you’ll get to a vine you can climb up that leads you straight into Viper Manor.


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