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Fort Dragonia Boss Battle: Giant Gloop

Vincent Lau

This page explains how to beat the Giant Gloop boss at Fort Dragonia in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

Giant Gloop is a boss encountered at the end of the blue crystal path in Fort Dragonia.

How to Defeat the Giant Gloop

(1 of 2) With preparation, this is a simple boss.

With preparation, this is a simple boss. (left), Carry Medicines to cure the annoying Frozen ailment. (right)

This slime boss is relatively tame, especially compared to the Taurusoid.

It can use Gooey Goo to try and drop your party’s Evade. Watch out for Take In, which deals Blue damage and can inflict Frozen or Flu. Just in case, give all your party members Medicine Elements to get rid of Frozen. Also, it may use Blue Field to turn the Field Effect blue. Besides that, it can use Ice Lance, Ice Blast and Iceberg–all progressively stronger Blue spells.

As soon as you can, we recommend laying an Iceberg trap. However it can only be placed in the Level 6 position of the Element Grid and, currently, only a few characters have a slot at this Level. The list is limited to: Nikki, Luccia, Glenn, Mojo, Greco, Mel and Doc. Also, you must have 16 growth stars (so you must beat Taurusoid first).

(1 of 2) Allocate an Iceberg Trap prior to the fight.

Allocate an Iceberg Trap prior to the fight. (left), Set an Iceberg Trap so you can steal the Giant Gloop's Iceberg. (right)

Placing an Iceberg trap has two benefits. One, it’ll negate all the damage from Iceberg, should Giant Gloop use it. Two, it’ll give you an Iceberg Element to use yourself. If you’re patient, you can farm Iceberg Elements by trapping Iceberg, running away and repeating the fight. Remember that using an Iceberg trap will add Blue to the Field Effect, benefitting Giant Gloop.

With Medicines to cure ailments, an Iceberg trap set and ample healing, you shouldn’t struggle with this fight. Where possible, use Red Elements to deal boosted damage to Giant Gloop, while turning the Field Effect Red, dampening the boss’s attacks. If you’re concerned, bench Red Innates (like Kid), since they take more damage here.

After the Fight

Once you’ve cleared away the gloopy mess, inspect the blue crystal to deactivate it. This will power up the blue dragon statue, lighting up a blue circle in the central room. From here, return to the central room and continue to the next area.


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