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Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

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How to Use & Equip Elements

Vincent Lau

This page explains how to use and equip Elements in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

Ah, yes, it wouldn’t be a traditional RPG without an elemental based system.

Relationship of Elements

In Chrono Cross, there are six types of elements:

  • Red (fire)
  • Blue (water)
  • Green (wind)
  • Yellow (electric)
  • Black (darkness)
  • White (light)

These elements have the following relationship:

  • Red and Blue oppose eachother
  • Green and Yellow oppose eachother
  • Black and White oppose eachother

Elements (Spell/Items)

Confusingly, the game’s magical spells and consumable items are also called Elements! Whenever we refer to Elements with a capital letter, we are talking about those.

You can obtain Elements by purchasing them from Element Shops, receiving them as drops from enemies or from chests etc.

Elements that you’ve obtained can be accessed via the “Elements” option in the main menu.

From here, you can also use consumable Elements by choosing “Use”. This functions just like using consumable items in other RPGs.

In addition, you can “Allocate” Elements, so they can be used in battle. For more information, please refer to the Element Grid page.

Using Elements in Battle

During a fight, you can use Elements via the “Element” command from the first menu or within the “Attack” menu.

However, you’ll notice the option is initially greyed out at the start. This is because you need to increase your character’s Elemental Power Level first–indicated by “Level” on the character’s window.

This can be achieved by using standard attacks. For each standard attack used, the Elemental Power Level will increased by an amount equivalent to the standard attack’s level (eg. 3 for strong attacks).

After increasing the Elemental Power Level, you can use any Element from the Element Grid up to that Level. For example, if the character’s Elemental Power Level is 3, you can use any Element from the Level 1, 2 or 3 positions.

After using that Element, the Elemental Power Level will be subtracted by the Element’s grid position value. Eg. Using an Element in the Level 1 position will bring you from Level 3 to 2.

Using an Element always consumes 7 Stamina, regardless of the Element’s position on the grid. This will cause the character’s turn to immediately end.

Innate Element

Also, each character and foe typically has an Innate Element. These have the following effects:

  • If the user uses an Element that matches their Innate Element, damage to foe +12.5%.
  • If the user is hit by an Element that matches their Innate Element, damage sustained -12.5%.
  • If the user is hit by an Element that’s opposite to their Innate Element, damage sustained +50%.

(The above effects can stack. Eg. if a Red Innate character uses a Red Element versus a Blue Innate foe, the damage dealt to the foe will be +12.5% plus +50% equal +62.5%.)

In other words, it’s benefical for a character to wield Elements that match their Innate Element. For instance, you should give White Elements to Serge, who’s a White Innate. However, there’s no penalty to using other elements–and it’s often a good idea, to add variety.

Meanwhile, if a character or foe is hit by an opposing Element, they will take a whopping 50% extra damage. So it’s always good to carry advantageous Elements against tough enemies, while being mindful not to have too many characters who are weak to the enemy’s Elements.

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