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Isle of the Damned: How to Obtain Karsh's Level 7 Tech

Vincent Lau

This page explains how to obtain Karsh’s Level 7 Tech, Axiomatic, in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

Viper Manor

The first portion is optional, but gives context to where you’re going.

After rescuing Riddel and escaping from Viper Manor, return to Viper Manor (Another World) with Norris in your party. This will allow you to bypass the Porre guards stationed at the front gate and the entrance of the manor.

(1 of 2) Check out the door that was blocked by the stubborn robot.

Check out the door that was blocked by the stubborn robot. (left), Shove the statues into position, then open the chest from behind. (right)

Inside the manor, go straight ahead to the next floor, where the audience chamber is (where you went toe-to-toe with Grobyc). If you recall, the robot guarding the right-hand side door is now gone. Pass through that door, then go across the bridge to the eastern side tower.

Here, there’s a simple puzzle. Move the 4 snake statues into the square-shaped grooves at the diagonal positions. Doing so will cause a treasure chest to appear at the center. However, hopefully you read the clue near the back of the room. You need to inspect the chest from behind (towards the north). Otherwise, a trap door will send you to the basement.

Sadly, Solt and Peppor stole the treasure that was inside. If you want it, you’re told to visit the Isle of the Damned with Karsh.

Isle of the Damned

Do as they say and add Karsh to your party. If you didn’t choose him before rescuing Riddel, he’ll join after Fargo rescues you and brings you aboard the S.S. Invincible. Next, make your way to the Isle of the Damned towards the far north-east. You must be in Another World.

(1 of 2) Make for the Isle of the Damned in Another World.

Make for the Isle of the Damned in Another World. (left), Solt and Peppor will be waiting. (right)

Upon arrival, make your way back to Garai’s grave, where you fought Garai’s spirit to obtain the Einlanzer. If you’ve forgotten…

In the first screen, travel north, then clockwise towards the west exit. In the second screen, go up a bit, following the spinal structure, before going south underneath it. You should emerge near the north-west corner of the same screen, near a mirrored doorway.

Use the Gairai Keepsake via the key items to pass through the door. In the third screen, travel anti-clockwise, while spiralling towards the center.

When you reach Garai’s grave, you ought to notice Solt and Peppor. Approach them to begin a boss fight.

How to Beat Solt and Peppor

Until now, Solt and Peppor have been complete jokes, but when they properly put their mind to it, they’re actually quite dangerous.

Prior to the fight, we recommend allocating Earthquake and/or Thunda Storm traps. If you’re worried, you can also do this fight after stealing the Yellow Plate from the Earth Dragon.

(1 of 2) Use Fargo's Pillage on Peppor.

Use Fargo's Pillage on Peppor. (left), If successful, he'll steal a Forget-me-not Pot. Otherwise, run and repeat. (right)

To begin with, Solt and Peppor will buff each other. Then, they’ll unleash a double Tech, Cross Cut, dealing massive damage to one character. Afterwards, they can use Earthquake or Thunda Storm to deal Yellow damage to all party members. After a while, they can each chain together two Earthquakes without pause.

(1 of 2) Cross Cut deals pretty impressive damage.

Cross Cut deals pretty impressive damage. (left), Use Earthquake traps liberally to reduce the amount of shaking going on. (right)

Overall, their onslaught can be pretty rough, especially for Karsh, who’s a Green Innate. That’s why we recommend the traps, to mitigate some of the damage. However, traps only work once, so you’ll need to be fast (and have Elemental Power saved up) to quickly set up another one.

If you need to weaken the damage further, consider casting Diminish. This will also weaken your Elements, so you’ll have to rely on standard attacks. You could also have Karsh or another fragile character equip the Yellow Plate to absorb damage from Earthquake and Thunda Storm.

After the Fight

(1 of 2) If Karsh is in your party, he'll appreciate this.

If Karsh is in your party, he'll appreciate this. (left), This is required for a tough sidequest… (right)

After giving Solt and Peppor the shaking of their life, Karsh will obtain his Level 7 Tech, Axiomatic. In addition, the Shaker brothers will return the Memento Pendant that they raided from Viper Manor. The latter is required for Dario’s sidequest.


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