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How to Find Komodo Scales

Staci Miller

This is everything you need to know about how to find Komodo Scales in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

Where to Find Komodo Scales

When you speak to Leena on the pier in Arni Village, she will tell you that she will meet you on Opassa Beach after you fulfil a mission for her: find three Komodo Scales at Lizard Rock.

(1 of 2) Leena doesn't want to join you, so you're on your own for this one

Leena doesn't want to join you, so you're on your own for this one (left), She promises to meet you at Opassa Beach when you have the Komodo Scales (right)

Enter the World Map and head slightly south. Lizard Rock is nestled between Arni Village and Opassa Beach, with a North and South entrance point. Head into the north one.

How to Get Komodo Scales

Once you’ve found the right location, it’s time to get the Komodo Scales. You’ll find three pups wandering the location and must find out the solution to a small puzzle to battle each one. The Komodo Scale is rewarded at the end of the battle.

The First Komodo Pup

The first Komodo pup is located right inside of the entrance, diving through a hole in the path every time you approach. You’ll find a purple rock nearby that you can push into the hole to trap it and then approach, initiating the battle.

The Second Komodo Pup

Head down the path to find the second Komodo pup, who disappears every time you try to approach and leaves that area of the map completely.

Find the green path leading north and exit. From there, you’ll find a monster you have to battle to progress. Then head to the right and down the path next to the green one. You’ll enter the area with the second Komodo pup again and this time, you’ll be above it.

When the Komodo Pup is around here, hit jump.

The game will instruct you to push a button to jump when you get to the edge above the Pup (depending on the platform you’re playing on). Hit it to jump down at the right moment and land on the Komodo Pup to initiate that battle.

The Third Komodo Pup

The third Komodo pup is left of this area, running in a circle. This time, there’s no real puzzle to solve — you just have to chase it an anti clockwise direction until you catch up.

Hold the running button but don't speed up the game.

Mama Komodo

When you’ve done all of this, a boss battle with Mama Komodo will start automatically. This is your first fight that could actually knock you out, so make sure you heal yourself when appropriate and try to be a bit tactical — mashing the Attack button will not work on her.

Beware: some of Mama Komodo's attacks can take more than half of your HP

HP Attack Defense Magic Attack Magic Defense
160 13 1 7 0


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