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How to Beat the Criosphinx & Obtain the Sunglasses

Vincent Lau

This is a guide for defeating the Criosphinx boss in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

The Criosphinx is an optional super-boss that you fight after triggering the mission to fight the 6 dragons.

Where to Find the Criosphinx

(1 of 2) After (nearly) completing Earth Dragon isle in Home World, return to its Another World version.

After (nearly) completing Earth Dragon isle in Home World, return to its Another World version. (left), Where the Earth Dragon is fought, the Criosphinx will be there instead. (right)

The Criosphinx lurks in the deepest cavern of the Earth Dragon Isle in Another World. To reach it, you must activate the sand boil in the penultimate cavern of Earth Dragon Isle in Home World, right before facing the Earth Dragon itself.

If you haven’t done so, enter the quicksand at the far end of the initial area. This will send you underground. But there’ll be a creature (a Rockroach) blocking the way south. Use one of the holes towards the east to return to the surface, then speak to the nearby man. Exit back to the world map and re-enter.

Return to where the creature was, but it’s now been moved aside. Chat to the guy standing nearby to receive Explosives. In the next screen, use Explosives on the easternmost Rockroach. Then fight the other two Rockroaches roaming around; when they’re dead, inspect them to shove them into the holes. This will activate the sand boil.

How to Defeat the Criosphinx

There are two ways to deal with the Criosphinx. The easy way, which gives no rewards. Or the incredibly hard way, which nets you a nice accessory.

(1 of 2) Before anything, use Fargo's Pillage after building up his Elemental Power Level.

Before anything, use Fargo's Pillage after building up his Elemental Power Level. (left), Your goal is to steal a Rainbow Shell. (right)

Method 1: How to Solve Criosphinx’s Riddles

The first method is to answer Criosphinx’s riddles. If done properly, you’ll take no damage and this fight will be over in a moment.

To begin with, Defend for all characters until the Criosphinx actually gives you a riddle. Doing so will maximize your Elemental Power Level. So you never need to attack.

(1 of 2) You need to read in-between the lines.

You need to read in-between the lines. (left), For this riddle, White is the answer. (right)

For each riddle, you must hit Criosphinx with the correct Element. Fail and you’ll suffer an Earthquake.

First line of riddle Element to Use
“What the extorted one is bled…” White
“Auburn less the burn…” Yellow
“In my anger, I see…” Red
“It isn’t easy being…” Green
“Mare et caelum et viola!” Blue
“Like pontoon less the knave…” Black

Succeed and the Criosphinx will leave you alone. But you won’t obtain anything, besides anything you’ve stolen. Boo.

Method 2: Best Strategy for Fighting the Criosphinx

The second method is to face the Criosphinx head on, but be warned: it’s not easy and it’ll take a while…

(1 of 2) Here's our recommended gear.

Here's our recommended gear. (left), Also allocate multiple Eagle Eye, plus Elements to weaken the sphinx's damage. (right)

If you have the Yellow Plate, good. You could equip it on Lynx/Serge with the Mastermune or perhaps Glenn with dual Einlanzer. Then give them the Moonglasses (rare steal and drop from Harle during her first fight), Star Fragment (from El Nido Triangle) and anything that you think would help (perhaps a helmet).

The Moonglasses reduces damage sustained by 25%. Meanwhile the Star Fragment nullifies status ailments–it’ll prevent Sprain in this fight, which lowers your attack power. In the event you missed the Moonglasses, try the Kung-fu Shoes instead (boosts evade by 12%).

Next, load up the same character with a whole bunch of Eagle Eye (we’re thinking at least 7). Plus Elements such as Weaken and Bat Eye to weaken the sphinx’s damage. Maybe some healing Elements for emergencies. As for the rest of your characters, they’ll likely be spending most of the battle sleeping on the ground…

(1 of 3) The sphinx's elemental attacks will heal your Yellow Plate wearer.

The strategy here is simple, but a little tedious. With the Yellow Plate, your main attacker will absorb all of Criosphinx’s Yellow Elements (Earthquake and Thunda Storm). That’s most of the fight trivialized. However, Criosphinx’s standard attacks can be fatal, so that’s what the accessories and debilitating Elements are for.

When the sphinx isn’t spamming Elements, it will perform three chains of standard attacks–these chains can be 1 to 3 attacks long. During this time, Defend (after your own chain of attacks) to mitigate the damage if necessary. Or use healing Elements.

Besides that, the sphinx has 13,000 HP. So you’ll want ways to boost your damage. One of the most effective methods is Eagle Eye, which temporarily boosts your Hit rate to 99%. This lets you consecutively spam fierce attacks (stamina pending). If you deal, say, 300ish damage with a fierce attack, you need to do 40+ of these. Don’t be surprised if the fight lasts around 15 minutes.

If you don’t have the Yellow Plate, ouch… We advise leaving this fight until much later. Come back when you’ve got Rainbow gear and more Growth stars.

Where to Find the Sunglasses

(1 of 2) Wallop the sphinx to obtain the Sunglasses.

Wallop the sphinx to obtain the Sunglasses. (left), Sadly, the Sunglasses don't stack with the Moonglasses. (right)

For defeating the Criosphinx in mortal combat, you’ll receive the one-and-only Sunglasses accessory. When equipped, it boosts the user’s damage output and healing output by 25%.


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