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Guile's Path - Boss Battle: King MoaMan

Vincent Lau

This is a guide for the King MoaMan boss fight at Viper Bluffs in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

After reaching the top of Viper Bluffs and defeating the guards, there will be a proper boss fight against King MoaMan and his cronies.

How to Defeat King MoaMan at Viper Bluffs

(1 of 2) King MoaMan is a Black Innate.

King MoaMan is a Black Innate. (left), You should get rid of the Blue or Red MoaMan first. (right)

Compared to the previous boss fight (which hardly qualified as a boss fight), this is a massive step up. In the center is King MoaMan, who’s the actual boss. To the left and right, there’s a Blue MoaMan and Red MoaMan assisting him.

Your first priority is defeating the red or blue MoaMan. They will support their king by buffing him and poking your characters. If that wasn’t bad enough, if both the red and blue MoaMan are alive, King MoaMan can use a devastating TwinTurbo attack.

(1 of 2) Blast the Blue MoaMan with Red Element attacks.

Blast the Blue MoaMan with Red Element attacks. (left), After defeating one of the lesser MoaMan, this fight will become easier. (right)

At the start, we recommend focusing all your attacks on the Blue MoaMan. You should have plent of Fire Elements, such as Magma Bomb, to deal 50% more damage. If you recruited Kid and brought her along, you can give the Fire Elements to her, so she gains a 12.5% damage boost when using them.

Afterwards, take down the Red MoaMan, using whatever’s left, but save your White Elements for later. From this point, don’t hesitate to use healing Elements, such as Cure and Tablets to replenish your party’s HP.

(1 of 2) Gravitonne deals a lot of damage.

Gravitonne deals a lot of damage. (left), Aim to end the fight ASAP with White Element attacks. (right)

Once King MoaMan is alone, unleash your White Elements on him, such as Serge’s Dash & Slash, Meteorite and/or Photon Ray. You really want to lay on the pressure, as King MoaMan likes to spam Gravitonne, which deals hefty Black damage.

To make Meteorite and Photon Ray hit harder, you can place them in the highest available position on the Element Grid (which should be Level 3), prior to the battle.

After the Boss Battle

Guile will recommend beginning your infiltration of Viper Manor at night. Smart thinking. The game will then fast-forward to night.


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