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How to Obtain the Chrono Cross

Vincent Lau

This page explains how to obtain the titular Chrono Cross in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

The Chrono Cross is a key item and mystical Element that has no color.

Where to Find the Chrono Cross

You can only obtain the Chrono Cross after completing Chronopolis. With the Tear of Hate obtained from Fort Dragonia (Another World) and the Tear of Love obtained from Fort Dragonia (Home World), head for Divine Dragon Falls.

Where is Divine Dragon Falls?

(1 of 3) Divine Dragon Falls in Another World.

Divine Dragon Falls is an unmarked location that’s easy to miss. It’s the waterfall on the world map halfway between Arni Village and Hydra Marshes, towards the north. Although you can enter it from both worlds, you want to go to the version in Another World.

Once there, head up and around to the cave at the back. Inside the cave, make your way to the deepest part, towards the west. There will be two pedestals here. Open the key items menu and use the Tear of Love and the Tear of Hate next to the pedestals. If you come here before Chronopolis, it’ll say you’re too early.

Having placed both Dragon Tear fragments, the Chrono Cross will be formed and placed in your Element inventory! You can then (and probably should) allocate it to Serge. In case you forget or didn’t realize!

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The Long-Lost Element

Obtain Chrono Cross, the rainbow-aligned Element.

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How to Use the Chrono Cross

The Chrono Cross has three important functions.

Used to Awaken Kid

At first, the main purpose of the Chrono Cross is to allow you to enter Kid’s past when she falls into a coma, after the events of Chronopolis. If you forgot or weren’t paying attention, she’s resting at the burned out hut in Hermit’s Hideaway (Another World).

Required for the Good Ending

(1 of 3) At the start, defend until you have 2+ stamina for your party members and 3+ for Serge.

When fighting the true form of the final boss, the Time Devourer, the Chrono Cross is needed to obtain the Good Ending. Serge must have the Chrono Cross allocated to his Element Grid.

Next, you need to use the following color Elements in this exact order:

Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black and White.

Only the color matters; you can use any Elements you want (we recommend low Level Elements).

You don’t need to mentally keep track of all the Elements, because the most recent ones will be displayed along the top of the screen.

After using the White Element, now use the Chrono Cross! It will KO the boss regardless of their HP. From here, you’ll progress to the Good Ending.

Recruit Characters from Past Playthroughs

Once you’ve completed the game, during a New Game Plus or after using Continue Plus, you can use the Chrono Cross to bring over characters recruited in the cleared save file used to initiate New Game or Continue Plus.

However, sadly, the Chrono Cross does not carry over, so you need to reach Chronopolis again to re-obtain it. (Although if you Continue Plus onto a save file with the Chrono Cross present, that’s not an issue.)

When you’ve gotten the Chrono Cross again, visit Hydra Marshes (Home World) and go north one screen. Look for the dimensional ripple, where you can use the Astral Amulet to return to the Dimensional Vortex.

Back at Sprigg’s house, the Chrono Cross will suddenly react. You can then use the Chrono Cross via the key items menu to obtain characters from the cleared save file.


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