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Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

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Fort Dragonia: Green Crystal Room

Vincent Lau

This is a guide for the green crystal room at Fort Dragonia in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

To deactivate the green crystal, head north-east from the central area with the save crystal.

What to do at the Green Crystal Room

(1 of 2) This area is a maze of walkways.

This area is a maze of walkways. (left), Definitely grab the Heal All. (right)

After crossing the initial walkway, you’ll arrive at a maze of walkways. Begin by going underneath the archway. Head straight forward, towards the next screen. Go forward a bit, then decend the stairs on the left. Watch out for a patrolling Cybot. Next, go east underneath the nearby archway. Then, go west underneath the archway below.

Climb up the next set of stairs and you’ll find two chests towards the north and south, containing a Heal All (pretty good) and Bushbasher Element respectively. Go back through the previous archway. From here, follow the path north and around. You’ll brush past the entrance to the green crystal. At the end, open the chest to discover an Antidote Element.

Backtrack towards the very beginning of the maze, before the initial archway. Go left up the stairs, being mindful of another patrolling Cybot. You should notice a blue switch nearby that’s out of reach. Follow the path north, then east underneath an archway. Continue east towards the next screen.

(1 of 2) This won't be useful for the upcoming boss, but it's a decent Green spell.

This won't be useful for the upcoming boss, but it's a decent Green spell. (left), Hit this switch to create a useful shortcut–then backtrack to the save crystal. (right)

When you emerge, carry on east for a bit, then go north and do a loop de loop. After going underneath an archway, there will be a branch in the path. First, follow the path south, where you’ll find a chest with a Tornado Trap Element. Once you’ve secured the goods, follow the other path north, up the stairs. You’ll come across an exit leading south.

On the other side, go south for a bit, then go down the stairs leading south. After the screen transition, you’ll find a chest nearby with an Aero Blaster Element. Go back up, then ascend the stairs on the left side. Follow the higher path up and around, while bashing in or avoiding the Cybot. Another screen transition awaits.

Keep going and you’ll soon arrive atop the archway at the beginning of the maze. Just a bit further and you’ll reach the blue switch. Hit it to create stairs on the right, which you can use to easily go back and forth.

When you’re ready to proceed, follow the left-hand side path north. In the next screen, keep going along the path and you’ll eventually reach the doorway that leads to the green crystal. However, guarding the crystal is a nasty piece of work–the Taurusoid.

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