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Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

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How to Recruit Funguy

Vincent Lau

This page explains how to recruit Funguy in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

Funguy is a fun guy to have at parties.


Jokes aside, Funguy is the father of Lisa, the shopkeeper at Termina. Because of his love of shrooms, he becomes a shroom himself.

How to Recruit

You can recruit Funguy once you have access to the northern half of the main island in Home World (where Termina is).

It’s not necessary, but when you visit the back room of Lisa’s shop in Home World’s Termina, she’ll mention her mushroom-loving father has gone to the forest: this can only mean Shadow Forest.

Where to Find a Mushroom

(1 of 3) Enter Shadow Forest in Home World.

On the world map, head east from Termina and enter Shadow Forest (Home World). You would’ve explored it in Nikki’s path and you can optionally explore it after the Viper Manor break-in. If you’ve never been, refer to the Nikki’s Path page we just linked.

Keep going all the way west through the forest until you enter a watery tunnel. Just before the exit, there’s a powerful current that slows you down. Towards the left of this current is a ramp. If you pushed the boulder into the hole earlier (in Another World), there’s a boy who can’t find his father.

Go back down the ramp. Nearby to the right, inspect the fallen insect, near the right side of the boulder. It’ll spring up and jump into the gap towards the left. Out pops the boy’s father. As thanks, he’ll give you a Mushroom.

Alternatively, if you didn’t push the boulder earlier, the man will instead be chased by a Wraith monster. In which case, slay the Wraith to earn the Mushroom.

Where to Find Funguy

(1 of 2) Enter the secret waterfall cave here.

Enter the secret waterfall cave here. (left), Feed the man the Mushroom you obtained to recruit this bizarre fellow. (right)

Funguy can be found in the cave where Nikki was, if you did Nikki’s path. It’s also the same cave where Skelly’s Angry Scapula can be found.

Don’t know the cave? Exit the tunnel where you obtained the Mushroom and go south one screen. Next, head east while keeping towards the south. At the dead end, go inside the small waterfall.

You’ll find Funguy–or the man before becoming Funguy–inside the small tunnel. Give him the Mushroom and he’ll transform into Funguy. Afterwards, he’ll join your party, to seek a way to return to normal.

Before leaving, don’t forget to open the chest for a Forest Charm.

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