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How does Continue Plus Work?

Vincent Lau

This page explains how Continue Plus works in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

Continue Plus is a variant of New Game Plus that lets you continue from any existing non-completed save file, with all the perks of New Game Plus. Like New Game Plus, it’s only available after beating the game.

How to Begin Continue Plus

(1 of 2) After watching the credits, save your game, preferably in a different slot.

After watching the credits, save your game, preferably in a different slot. (left), Load this save file and you can choose Continue Plus. (right)

Once you’ve defeated defeated the final boss and obtained any ending, you’ll be asked to save your game. This creates a cleared save file.

When you load this cleared save file, you will be given two options:

  • New Game +
  • Continue +

For the purpose of this page, choose the second one. Next, select any existing save file that hasn’t been completed (this save file cannot be one that you’ve used New Game Plus or Continue Plus to create/continue).

You will now continue from the chosen save file, but with the features of New Game Plus.

Features of Continue Plus

Carry Over Growth Stars

The first thing you’ll probably notice (especially if you Continue Plus onto an earlier save) is that all your characters will be far stronger than normal.

This is because you’ll carry over all the Growth stars obtained in your previous playthrough. This should be 48 for your first New Game Plus or Continue Plus.

Carry Over Equipment/Items

With the exception of certain items, which we’ll list in a moment, all equipment and items will carry over! Key items do not carry over.

The items that don’t carry over are all event-related:

Mastermune, Einlanzer, Hero’s Blade, Hero’s Shield, Hero’s Medal, Dragoon’s Honor, Star Fragment, Master Hammer and Blue Brooch.

The way this works is that you’ll have most of the gear from the cleared save file, plus whatever is already present in the save file you Continue Plused into. For example, if you had a Moonglasses in your cleared save file and the current save file, you’ll now have two!

Carry Over Elements

Similarly, barring certain Elements, all Elements will carry over!

The following Elements do not carry over:

Likewise, the carried over Elements will be added to all the Elements that were already in the save file you Continue Plused into.

Carry Over Gold

We doubt you’ll ever have financial problems in this game, but all your Gold will carry over too.

Just like equipment and Elements, your carried over gold will be merged with the gold already in the current save file.

New Key Items

You cannot carry over any Key Items, but you’ll have a few new ones.

  • Time Egg: OK, we lied, you do carry over the Time Egg. This lets you fight the Time Devourer (awakened) at Opassa Beach at any point in the game. This is essential for the game’s multiple endings.
  • Time Shifter: If you’re playing the Remastered version, this is redundant because you always have it. But in the original game, you only obtain this during New Game Plus or Continue Plus. It lets you speed up or slow down the game.
  • Relief Charm: With this, you can remove Serge from your party. Granted, he’s the strongest character in the game. But maybe you want some variety after using him for an entire playthrough!

Recruit Characters from Previous Playthrough

Recruited characters are carried over, although you cannot access them from the start.

Once you re-obtain the Chrono Cross Element or if you Continue Plus into a save file where you have it, you can use the Chrono Cross to re-obtain all the characters you’ve recruited in the cleared save file.

To do so, return to Hydra Marshes (Home World) and go north one screen, back towards the dimensional hole where you escaped from the Temporal Vortex. Use the Astral Amulet to return to the vortex.

You’ll emerge in Sprigg’s home, where the Chrono Cross will suddenly react. Use the Chrono Cross via the key items menu and you’ll regain all of your past characters!

Open the Locked Door at the Bend of Time

If you’ve never visited, the Bend of Time is a small, unnamed island located a short distance west from the Dead Sea Ruins. Inside, there are portals that lead to encounters with enemies from missable locations. Besides that, there’s a door at the back that is normally closed, unless you’re playing on New Game Plus or Continue Plus.

For the full scoop, please refer to the dedicated page.

How to Duplicate Items/Elements with Continue Plus

If you’re smart, you can duplicate rare equipment and Elements by keeping a save after obtaining them, then repeating this cycle:

  1. Continue Plus into the save file with the rare stuff.
  2. Use the Time Egg to fight and defeat the final boss. This is easier if you have the Chrono Cross.
  3. Save your cleared save file in a different slot or overwrite your previous cleared save file.
  4. Load the newly created cleared save file.
  5. Repeat from step 1.

Good items/Elements to duplicate include Rainbow Shells, shiny materials, the elemental Plate armors from the six dragons, Moonglasses, Sunglasses and Vigora.


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