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Dario Sidequest: How to Obtain the Mastermune

Vincent Lau

This page explains how to complete the Dario sidequest and obtain the Mastermune in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

(1 of 2) Land on the tiny island between the S.S. Zelbess and Mt. Pyre.

Land on the tiny island between the S.S. Zelbess and Mt. Pyre. (left), You need to bring Riddel and the Memento Pendant. (right)

To trigger this sidequest, you must first obtain the Memento Pendant from Karsh’s sidequest. Also, you’ll need Riddel in your party. In Home World, travel to the north-east part of the main island, near the S.S. Zelbess. Just below the S.S. Zelbess is a small island with smoke coming out; land on that island.

Forbidden Island

Head all the way west to discover a hidden cottage. Inside, there will be a man wearing armor sitting on a chair. If you brought Riddel and the Memento Pendant, you’ll discover this man is Dario–and his forgotten memories will come flooding back. At the same time, a sinister presence takes hold of him…

How to Beat Dario

(1 of 2) Few characters will survive Dash & Gash.

Few characters will survive Dash & Gash. (left), Sonic Sword isn't as bad. (right)

We won’t mince words: Dario is a monster. He can deal overkill damage to a single target with Dash & Gash and decent damage with Sonic Sword. He can also unleash powerful Elements and instantly counter all of your Elements with his own.

Element Used on Dario Element Dario Uses to Counter
Red Numble (lowers Evade)
Blue Weaken (lowers Attack)
Green LoRes (lowers Defense)
Yellow BatEye (lowers Hit rate)
White ConductaRod (Black damage + Cursed)
Black Recover All (heals himself)

Depending on where you are at the game, you may struggle against Dario. Don’t be afraid to come back later, when you’ve gained more Growth stars and better gear.

In particular, you may find it easier after stealing the Black Plate armor from the Black Dragon and getting Serge back. Slap the Black Plate on Serge and go ham with his White Elements. Forget about your other party members and let Serge solo the fight.

Easy Way to Beat Dario

If you’re properly prepared and very patient, you can defeat Dario without taking any damage. To do so, you must take advantage of Dario’s counter attacks.

Although Dario instantly counters your Elements, he will consume his turn to do so. His turn will come after every 7 actions taken (sometimes 6 near the beginning). Strong and Fierce attacks count as 2 and 3 actions, respectively. Everything else counts as 1.

(1 of 3) First, perform 6 actions.

Therefore, what you can do is perform 6 actions, then unleash an Element and provoke Dario into performing a counter attack, instead of anything else (such as a fatal Dash & Gash). If you check the list of counters, the safest Elements to use are Red or Green. So fill up your main attacker(s) with those Elements. We recommend Red, because you can burn Dario, lowering his Defense.

The flow of battle should go something like this: Perform 6 weak attacks with the same character. You can use higher level attacks, but only if confident; just don’t go below 1 Stamina. Next, use a Red Element (can be your strongest or you can use a weaker one to save up Elemental Power, for a stronger one later).

Dario should counter with Numble, lowering your Evade. But this doesn’t matter since he won’t damage you. Then repeat for the next character and keep cycling like this. Since Dario has a lot of HP (over 3000), this can take a while. But if you keep at it, he should fall within 10 minutes.

After the Fight

(1 of 2) This is Serge/Lynx's strongest weapon. Don't forget to equip it!

This is Serge/Lynx's strongest weapon. Don't forget to equip it! (left), Also, Riddel will gain her Level 7 Tech. Again, you need to equip this. (right)

Upon pacifying Dario, you will obtain the Mastermune for Lynx or Serge. This is his strongest weapon, with max Critical rate and it’ll also heal a bit of his HP.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

The Second Coming

Defeat Dario and reforge Serge's Sea Swallow into the Mastermune.

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Afterwards, the gang will take Dario to see Viper Manor. There, he’ll hand Riddel her Level 7 Tech, Snake Fangs. Should you revisit this world’s Viper Manor, you’ll find Dario and his men repairing the manor.


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