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Where to Find all the Rainbow Shells

Vincent Lau

This page lists the locations of all the Rainbow Shells in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

Rainbow Shells are extremely rare materials, used to craft powerful Rainbow equipment. In one playthrough, you can only obtain a finite number of Rainbow Shells. The maximum amount you can get is 20 (plus 2 more if you disassemble some gear).

Rainbow Shell 1

When you enter Termina, head east towards the overpass across the water. Near the T-junction is a saleman peddling Viper Churros. Speak to him and he’ll ask for feedback about the price. Say they’re too expensive then suggest pricing them at 50 to 60 G.

After the Tower of Geddon, return to the salesman and grab a free Viper Churros from him. The first one will have a Rainbow Shell stuck inside.

Rainbow Shell 2

(1 of 2) Grab the Book of Poems from the waitress in Home World.

Grab the Book of Poems from the waitress in Home World. (left), Then show the book to the waitress in Another World. (right)

Ready for a whole bunch of world-hopping? Once you’ve obtained the Astral Amulet, you can switch between Home World and Another World via the dimensional rift in Opassa Beach.

First, speak to the waitress working in the diner in Arni Village (Home World) to learn about her poetry hobby. Next, speak to the same waitress in Arni Village (Another World) to discover this version of her gave up poetry.

Return to the waitress in Home World; she’ll hand you the Book of Poems. Finally, make a beeline for the waitress in Another World and show her the Book of Poems to receive this pretty shell.

Rainbow Shell 3

From explorer who gave you the Sturdy Ribs.

On Water Dragon Isle in Another World, be sure to grab the Sturdy Ribs (for recruiting Skelly) before finishing up Fort Dragonia (Another World). In the first screen, take a right just before the north exit and speak to the explorer, who’ll hand you the “cursed” bones.

Later on, after Fort Dragonia (Home World) return to the same explorer and he’ll give you this rainbow shell for relieving his nightmares.

Rainbow Shell 4

(1 of 2) Play the Compass Roulette aboard the S.S. Zelbess.

Play the Compass Roulette aboard the S.S. Zelbess. (left), The top prize is a Rainbow Shell. (right)

This one’s a toughie. You need to get a score of 10,000 points in the Compass Roulette mini-game, which you can play in the casino just below the captain’s cabin. Fortunately, there are ways to rig the game in your favor (see the linked page).

Rainbow Shell 5

A Rainbow Shell is rarely dropped by the Wight Knight enemy at the Isle of the Damned in Home World. In the screen before Garai’s grave, there’s a suit of armor near the south-west corner. Lure a Wisp O’Wisp enemy to the suit of armor (disable encounters for an easy time), then fight it so it explodes. The explosion will awaken the Wight Knight.

To be safe, exit the Isle of the Damned and save your game outside. Then wander back and fight the Wight Knight. You may also want to land the final blow with Sprigg or somebody holding a Forget-me-not Pot to register the Wight Knight in your monster list. After the fight, when you see your spoils, cross your fingers for a Rainbow Shell. Otherwise, reload your save and try again.

Rainbow Shell 6

The cart by the Element shopkeeper in Anri Village (Another World) when it's empty.

When you finally return to Another World after the body swap, you’ll find that many things have changed. For instance, everyone is now hiding in Arni Village. This means you can search the cart where the Element Shop vendor was standing, near the center of the village, to steal, er, borrow a Rainbow Shell?

Rainbow Shell 7

(1 of 2) In the basement armory, press this hidden switch.

In the basement armory, press this hidden switch. (left), Voila, you can get past the snake statues! (right)

After busting Riddel out of prison and escaping Viper Manor, return to the manor with Norris in your party. This will allow you to bypass the guards at the front gate and the door of the manor. Inside, enter the east wing and head downstairs, then go inside the nearest door.

If you didn’t partially solve the puzzle earlier, take the shield from the wall and place it on the suit of armor with no shield. This will trigger a battle. Afterwards, shove the snake statue into the groove on the right, so it’s parallel to the other statue.

A secret passage will open nearby, but don’t enter just yet. Head to the top-left corner, where there used to be a guard. Inspect the pillar to reveal a hidden switch. Push the switch to disable the booby trap in the secret passage. Now go through the secret passage to find chests containing Viper’s Venom and this Rainbow Shell.

Rainbow Shell 8

From the man near the sand boil above ground.

At Earth Dragon Isle (Home World), ignore the warnings and head straight for the quicksand pit at the back. You’ll be sucked underground. Follow the sand streams to the bottom of the area, then look for a hole towards the east (up some ladders) and jump into it to be propelled back up. The guy standing near where you emerge will mention clearing a monster away, but it’ll take some time.

Exit the area back to the world map, then re-enter. Speak to the same guy from before and he’ll mention the monster’s gone. Speak to him again and he’ll give you a Rainbow Shell. By the way, you can visit Earth Dragon Isle earlier, but the monster blocking the way won’t be removed until you’ve received the mission to find the six dragons.

Rainbow Shell 9

(1 of 2) Only attempt this when fully prepared!

Only attempt this when fully prepared! (left), You can steal a Rainbow Shell from the Criosphinx, but you also need to win! (right)

For this, you must’ve activated the sand boil (the sand geyser) in the second-to-last area of Earth Dragon Isle, before the save crystal and boss. If you’re unsure, you must use the Explosives to blow up the Rockroach towards the east and defeat the two roaming Rockroach monsters, before shoving them into the nearby holes.

When you’re all done, swap to Home World and come back to Earth Dragon Isle. Navigate the underground section and reach the boss room like before. However, instead of the Earth Dragon, you will encounter the Criosphinx super-boss. Use a stealing Tech (eg. Fargo’s Pillage) to steal the Rainbow Shell from it, bearing in mind you’ll likely steal a Denadorite instead–and you must beat the Criosphinx to keep the shell, which is no mean feat!

Rainbow Shell 10

(1 of 2) When fighting Dark Serge, you can try to steal from him.

When fighting Dark Serge, you can try to steal from him. (left), He's carrying a common Trashy Tiara and a rare Rainbow Shell. (right)

In Home World, make your way to Fort Dragonia, by passing through Mt Pyre by the east side of the main island. If you didn’t solve the puzzles earlier, place the Dragon Tear on the pedestal at the entrance to instantly activate the fort.

In any case, save your game in the central room, then proceed into the elevator column. Standing… or floating in your way is Dark Serge. While fighting him, you can steal (using Fargo’s Pillage) a Trashy Tiara or Rainbow Shell from him. Keep running and restarting the fight until you pilfer the shell.

Rainbow Shell 11

(1 of 2) At the beginning of the fight with Polis Police, attempt to steal.

At the beginning of the fight with Polis Police, attempt to steal. (left), If lucky, you'll obtain the Rainbow Shell. (right)

Upon entering Chronopolis, the Time Fortress, in the first screen there’s a tough-as-nails boss, the Polis Police. Use a stealing tech (eg. Fargo’s Pillage) and you may steal a Rainbow Shell if lucky or a Capsule if unlucky. If you fail, run away and try again.

However, you’re liable to receive a Megaton Fist to the face, which deals massive damage. So field White Innates and give your thief the White Plate armor so they don’t die. Once you’ve stolen the shell, remember that you need to beat the boss to keep it.

Rainbow Shell 12

Back room of the research area on Floor 3.

On the Floor 3 of Chronopolis, head left after exiting the elevator and go through the door. You’ll arrive inside a research room with a large apparatus in the center. Head towards the back of the room and enter the door on the left. Beyond is a small room with a chest containing this sparkly shell.

Rainbow Shell 13

From boy hidden inside the clock in the first room.

After the events of Chronopolis, you must use the Chrono Cross or Mastermune to enter the world of Kid’s past. In the first screen, defeat the monster, then inspect the grandfather clock towards the right. A child will appear; speak to him to receive this first shell.

Rainbow Shell 14

From girl hidden underneath the bed in the room up the stairs on the right.

After obtaining the previous Rainbow Shell, enter the door above. It can be a little finicky; silly wooden doors. Go up the stairs on the right to enter a bedroom. Again, smash up the monster lurking here. Next, inspect the bed to discover another hidden child. She’ll give you the second shell found here.

Rainbow Shell 15

Bring Kid to see Luccia at Viper Manor near the end of the game.

With Kid freed from the nightmares of her past, she’ll finally wake up. Radius will mention that Luccia wants to see Kid. When you’ve got a moment, return to Viper Manor (Another World) and visit Luccia in her lab.

If you need directions: After entering the manor building, head through the east wing and go downstairs. Then enter the second door on the left. With Kid in your party, speak to Luccia to receive a letter containing this Rainbow Shell.

Rainbow Shell 16

East side of the first screen, after going underwater.

You may have visited El Nido Triangle already in Home World, but it’ll take a long time before you can visit its Another World counterpart. If you’ve never been, head to the glowing area of sea surrounded by triangular rocks south of the main island and Water Dragon Isle.

In the first screen, head east, then north. Along the top, the path branches west towards the stairs to the next screen and east to a dead end. Go east first to find a slightly hard-to-see chest containing this first shell.

Rainbow Shell 17

To the east of the spaceship in the second screen.

In the second screen, follow the path south, then east. At the far end, you’ll find a treasure chest containing another Rainbow Shell.

Rainbow Shell 18

In the final area before returning to the screen after the Terrator boss.

From the landing area with the save crystal, head up the stairs to the first screen where the Terrator boss is/was. Continue to the next screen, with the shovable pillars. Here, take the south-west exit. Next, navigate the zig-zaggy staircase to the very bottom. Once you get there, step into the flow of water towards the left to be pushed down below.

You’ll arrive near a waterfall, with a network of red tree branches to the south. Head south and get on top of the tree branches, via the branch that acts as a ramp. Then make your way west towards the next screen. Continue navigating the tree branches, as they loop around. When you reach the narrow wooden branch near the north-west corner, you’ll fall down.

A mysterious voice will speak to Serge. Run up the tree branch towards the north-west exit. Yay, more tree branches. Carry on north, following the looping path. Go through the exit towards the far north-east. You’ll emerge in a tall room with multiple levels. Climb up the nearby tree branch on the right. There’s a nearby chest behind a waterfall, which contains this first shell.

Rainbow Shell 19

In the area with ladders after the Pyrotor boss.

After obtaining the previous shell, continue climbing the tree branches to reach the exit towards the far north-east. You’ll be back in the second screen with the shovable pillars. If you haven’t pushed all the pillars, do so to create a path to the next area and a shortcut back. Feel free to go back and save. Use the fallen pillars to proceed through the north-west, higher exit.

The next screen will be a change of scenery, kind of. Make your way north-east to the next screen, past the Pyrotor boss, then exit via the north. Use the nearby ladder to climb up, then navigate the simple network of paths and ladders. Near the center, go down the ladder and check the treasure chest for the second Rainbow Shell here.

Rainbow Shell 20

In the aqueduct area, 2 screens after the Pyrotor boss.

After obtaining the previous shell, continue heading north, using the tree branch at the top to reach the next screen. You’ll arrive in an area with multiple aqueducts. Head all the way east, then follow the stairs up. At the end of the path, you’ll find the final Rainbow Shell in the game!


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