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Where to Find Shiny Materials

Vincent Lau

This page explains where you can find shiny materials in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

When you attempt to forge some rainbow gear, you’ll likely notice a bunch of materials you’ve probably never seen, all prefixed with “shiny”.

How to Obtain Shiny Materials

(1 of 2) Slay enemies with a Red Summon…

Slay enemies with a Red Summon… (left), …And you'll obtain red shiny materials. (right)

As it happens, the game gives you a vague clue when you speak to one of the NPCs in Guldove. When you defeat an enemy with a Summon Element, you’ll receive shiny materials in place of their original drops, corresponding to the color of the Summon.

Color of Summon Shiny Material Received
Red Shiny Ember
Blue Shiny Dew
Green Shiny Leaf
Yellow Shiny Sand
Black Shiny Soot
White Shiny Salt

How to Farm Shiny Materials

At first, trying to obtain shiny materials (especially lots of them to forge multiple rainbow equipment) may seem daunting. In particular, it’s not easy to produce the conditions to perform a summon, let alone defeat foes with one.

However, it’s not so bad if you break things down into parts and try to make those parts as easy as possible.

Easy Way to Summon

(1 of 3) In Marbule (Another World), visit the left-hand side Element Shop.

First, to make it easier to summon, you can stock up on a bunch of Turn X Elements, where X is each of the six colors (eg. Turn Red). You can buy them from one of the Element Shops in Marbule (Another World). Allocate the one(s) that match your Summon to all 3 party members (eg. if you’re using a Red Summon, allocate 3 Turn Reds).

During battle, build up your Elemental Power a bit (you can also equip Dream Bandanas to start at Level 1) for everyone; the summoner should be at Level 7 or 8. When it’s safe, cast Turn X (same color) for each party member, to color the Field Effect all one color. Now wait a while to recover stamina, then build up the remaining Element Power, before unleashing your devastating Summon!

Later in the game, you can obtain X Field Elements (eg. Yellow Field), which can change the entire Field Effect to the corresponding color in one go. This is obviously far superior, but you do have to wait a long time to get them. Plus they don’t exist for Black and White, so you’ll need to use Turn Black/White anyway.

Easy Enemy to Farm

(1 of 5) If you've already completed the Tower of Geddon, head to the Bend of Time.

Next, you’ll probably want some easy enemies–and ideally enemies that don’t mess up the Field Effect. Actually, you may find that many enemies are too weak now. If you’re killing them before you can build up Elemental Power for a summon, you’ll want to downgrade your gear to Bone or Copper.

A good enemy to farm shiny materials is the Mannequeen, found in the Tower of Geddon. Later on, you can encounter them in the Bend of Time, which is the small island a short distance west from the Dead Sea Ruins in Home World. Check the portal on the top row, second from the left. This will spawn random enemies from the Sea of Eden, including the Tower of Geddon.

Mannequeen are weak, do not use Elements of their own and typically spawn in groups of 4, so you can obtain 4 shiny materials per fight! Watch out for the Mannequeen’s pose though. Right before you attack them, if the Mannequeen is slightly posing forwards (like it’s about to walk or something), it will counter-attack. This won’t do much damage, but it wastes time.


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