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How to Recruit Kid

Staci Miller
Vincent Lau

This is everything you need to know about how to find and recruit kid in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

How to Find Kid

Kid appears close to the beginning of the game, making her impossible to miss from the start. When you head to Cape Howl at Leena’s behest to view Serge’s grave, walk up and read the text there. When you turn away, you’ll be accosted by a number of enemies who think you might be a ghost.

Serge discovers his own grave at Cape Howl, which is what leads Kid to him.

Fortunately, an ally will show up to assist you in taking them down: Kid. Karsh, Solt, & Peppor will retreat after your battle.

How to Recruit Kid

There are actually multiple ways you can recruit Kid throughout the game.

The First Way to Recruit Kid

The first way to recruit Kid is to simply say yes when she asks to join you. It’s the easiest recruitment, but it comes at a price: Leena will be lost to you forever throughout the game.

You can choose to travel together or refuse.

Don’t worry. You can refuse Kid three times for her to finally back off and later, you’ll get another chance to recruit her.

Recruiting Kid Later

If you didn’t recruit Kid back at Cape Howl, your next chance to recruit her is at the Port Town of Termina. Towards the north part of town, there’s a golden statue of Viper. Speak to the man there to learn about Viper Manor.

(1 of 2) Unless you're feeling mean, you may as well recruit Kid.

Unless you're feeling mean, you may as well recruit Kid. (left), Otherwise, you'll have to wait again for your next chance to recruit her. (right)

At this point, Kid will come along and persuade you to sneak into Viper Manor with her. Like last time, you can refuse her offer, but this time, there’s no benefit to doing so. So you may as well recruit her.

However, if you refuse her yet again, you can still recruit her later. This will be after she recovers from being poisoned at the end of Viper Manor.

  • If you chose to save Kid, she’ll join automatically after Hydra Marshes.
  • If you left Kid to fend for herself, return to Guldove after the S.S. Invincible and before completing Mt Pyre.

How to Recruit Kid Again

After the events of Fort Dragonia, Kid will leave your party for a massive part of the game. You’ll automatically get her back after the events of Chronopolis, where you must use the Chrono Cross or Mastermune to enter Kid’s past.


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