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S.S. Zelbess Boss Fight: Sage of Marbule

Vincent Lau

This is a guide for the boss fight with the Sage of Marbule aboard the S.S. Zelbess in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

How to Defeat the Sage of Marbule

The fight with the Sage is quite interesting. If you stocked up on Element Traps at Marbule in Another World, now’s a great time to use them!

To begin with, the Sage only performs standard attacks.

(1 of 3) You can farm Elements from the Sage by provoking him with traps.

However, when hit by an Element, his attack pattern will change to counter that Element. First, he will turn the character who attacked him to the same color as the Element they used. Immediately afterwards, he’ll blast them with an opposing Element.

From there, his next three actions will be: a standard attack, an enfeebling Element and finally a Level 6 Element of the color that he was initially hit by (Inferno, Deluge, Carnivore, ThundaStorm, HolyLight or Freefall).

There are thus two strategies to this fight.

One, you can refrain from using offensive Elements and just keep whacking the Sage with standard attacks. Feel free to use enhancing Elements on yourself; Eagle Eye is great to boost your Hit Rate so you can spam Fierce attacks. Healing Elements are also fair game.

Two, you can provoke the Sage with Elements, then use the corresponding Element trap to steal his Level 6 Element. In fact, you can provoke him with an Element trap. For example, if you want to steal ThundaStorm, have a character use a ThundaStorm trap on him.

How to Get the Fiddler Crab

(1 of 2) For besting the Sage, you'll receive… a crab?

For besting the Sage, you'll receive… a crab? (left), In other words, go to the south side of the Dead Sea. (right)

Upon witnessing your resolve, the Sage will give you the Fiddler Crab, which will open the path to the Dead Sea. You can use it via the key items menu from the south side of the Dead Sea (north from Marbule). You must be positioned where the “Dead Sea” location text appears.

Besides that, Nikki will come along and beg the Sage for assistance.


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