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Viper Manor Boss Battle: Marcy

Vincent Lau

This is a guide for the Marcy boss fight at Viper Manor in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

You’ll battle Marcy, one of the 4 Devas of the Acacia Dragoons, upon reaching the library of Viper Manor.

How to Defeat Marcy at Viper Manor

(1 of 2) Marcy wants to kill you. Children these days…

Marcy wants to kill you. Children these days… (left), She's a Blue Innate, so Red Elements are great. (right)

Despie her petit appearance, Marcy is a savage, so don’t hold anything back. Near the start, she’ll attack with standard punches and kicks, which aren’t too damaging. You can use this chance to fill the Field Effect red with low level Red Elements. Save your hard-hitting Red Elements for later.

While doing so, try to keep your party’s HP topped up. As it happens, Tablets are Red, so they can be used to turn the field red–two birds with one stone.

When Marcy’s HP drops, she’ll start getting angry–and dead serious. She can use Cat’s Cradle to deal Blue physical damage, before spamming Blue Element spells like Ice Blast and Ice Lance.

Beware that Ice Blast can inflict the Frozen status, which renders your character immobile. To remedy this, use a Medicine Element on the character.

(1 of 2) Look out for Cat's Cradle. It means Marcy is getting serious.

Look out for Cat's Cradle. It means Marcy is getting serious. (left), Afterwards, Marcy can cast dangerous Blue Element spells. (right)

Although she’s the opposing Element, we don’t recommend bringing along Kid, because she takes 50% more damage from Marcy’s Blue Elements, which already hit hard. Give your Red Elements to someone else instead, like Guile, Nikki or Leena. Or even Serge.

During this stage, unload your strongest Red Elements on Marcy, such as Magma Bomb and Fire Ball, to quickly end the fight. Remember that you can place these Elements on higher positions, like Level 4, before the fight to make them stronger.

For intensive healing, we hope you grabbed the Recover All from the Dragon Feeding game. Plus you can use Revive from the Barracks in emergencies.

After the Boss Battle

(1 of 2) Use the same switch that Marcy used to lower the ladder.

Use the same switch that Marcy used to lower the ladder. (left), Up above, there's a chest with a Turn White. (right)

After the fight, Marcy will run off in disgust. Next, the Prophet of Time will tell you how to proceed further into the manor. Before leaving the library, inspect the bookcase with the switch that Marcy used to lower the ladder earlier. Climb the ladder yourself and snatch the Turn White Element from the chest.

In the Audience Chamber, per the Prophet’s tip, there’s a secret button behind the second to last pillar on the left. Pressing this will cause a platform to drop in, scaring the guards. The guards will then fight you, but they’re easy pickings compared to Marcy.

(1 of 2) Here's the hidden switch.

Here's the hidden switch. (left), There's also a hidden switch on the throne. (right)

Once the guards are gone, inspect the throne on the new platform to ride the platform up. Then proceed forward to the next area, where another boss battle soon awaits…


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