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Fort Dragonia: How to Beat Dark Serge

Vincent Lau

This is a guide for defeating Dark Serge in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

After obtaining all six dragon relics, you’ll face Dark Serge at the elevator room in Fort Dragonia (Home World).

Best Strategy for Fighting Dark Serge

You may be confident after defeating the six dragons and maybe even the likes of Dario and Criosphinx, but you shouldn’t underestimate Dark Serge.

(1 of 2) More often than not, you'll steal a Trashy Tiara.

More often than not, you'll steal a Trashy Tiara. (left), But if you're lucky, you'll steal a Rainbow Shell instead. (right)

This evil version of you can use Lynx’s techs and a variety of high level Elements. To begin with, watch out for Feral Cats, a Black tech that hits the whole party. He can also cast Volcano, Black Hole, Tornado, Iceberg, Thunda Storm, Carnivore and Inferno. Of the lot, Black Hole is the most dangerous because it can inflict insta-kill. Consider setting a Black Hole trap early on.

(1 of 2) After using Volcano, Dark Serge will soon use Forever Zero.

After using Volcano, Dark Serge will soon use Forever Zero. (left), This powerful tech deals huge damage to all party members! (right)

Also, keep your eyes peeled for Volcano. After using this, Dark Serge will peform a standard attack. Then he’ll use Forever Zero, which deals massive Black damage to the party–and can even one-shot some characters!

If you stole the Black Plate armor from the Black Dragon, absolutely equip it on somebody–especially White Innates. Lynx should survive if he has high health. Otherwise, consider casting Diminish, keeping in mind it’ll reduce the power of your Elements too.

(1 of 2) Be wary of the dangerous combo of Ninety-Nine…

Be wary of the dangerous combo of Ninety-Nine… (left), …And Vigora. (right)

Later on, when things are getting heated, Dark Serge may cast Strengthen on himself. A short while later, he’ll cast Ninety-Nine and Vigora consecutively. These two Elements will boost his hit rate to 99 and temporarily stops stamina from decreasing. On his next turn, he’ll unleash several attacks on the same character.

At this point, be sure to Defend. Even if you used Diminish, remember that it doesn’t affect standard attacks. To be safe, you could cast Weaken and/or Bat Eye on Dark Serge, to reduce the potency of his standard attacks. Besides that, the rest of the fight should be manageable. If you obtained the Mastermune, this is a great opportunity to show it off to your rival!

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The Enemy of the World

Defeat Dark Serge at Fort Dragonia.

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After the Fight

Once you’ve defeated Dark Serge, he’ll scurry back into the shadows. Use the elevator that he was guarding to reach the upper areas. Then head for the central teleporter to be transported to the top floor. Past the door, you’ll finally reclaim Serge’s original body! The Dragon Tear that you had will also become the Tear of Love.


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