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How to Recruit Starky

Vincent Lau

This page explains how to recruit Starky in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

Starky is an alien that crash landed. Nope, these party members aren’t going to get less strange!

How to Recruit

You can recruit Starky after the events of Fort Dragonia and returning to Home World as Lynx.

When you’re exploring Viper Manor in Home World, you’ll receive two clues from one of the guards stationed near the entrance, directing you to El Nido Triangle and Sky Dragon Isle.

How to Obtain the Star Fragment

(1 of 3) The El Nido Triangle is located south from Water Dragon Isle.

The first step to recruiting Starky is to find the Star Fragment. Once you’ve borrowed the boat from Norris at Home World’s Viper Manor, sail south from the “main island” and enter El Nido Triangle (Home World), which is the part of sea surrounded by three rocks in a triangular pattern.

Inside the triangle, navigate to the center where the glowing light is, then dive into the water. Somehow you’ll be able to breathe underwater. Make your way along the underwater path, fending off any bothersome fish that get in your way. In the second underwater screen, search the conspicious cave near the middle to find the Star Fragment.

How to Defeat MegaStarky

(1 of 4) Set a course of Sky Dragon Isle to the west.

Once you’ve gotten the Star Fragment, depart El Nido Triangle and head for the Sky Dragon Isle (Home World), located to the west. Go up one screen and inspect the treasure chest in the center. If you have the fragment, a massive monster will appear and battle you! This is MegaStarky, a pretty tricky boss.

This fight can be difficult especially if you have both Lynx and Harle in your team, since they’re both weak to MegaStarky’s White Elements. However, if you pack plenty of healing Elements, like Heal All, Recover All (being mindful it’ll turn the Field Element White, benefitting MegaStarky), etc. then you should get by.

When he’s not popping its laser gun, MegaStarky can cast various White Element spells, including Meteorite, Meteor Shower and Photon Beam. His unique Tech, Raydiation can also inflict Anti-White, preventing use of Recover All and Revive. Finally, when weak, he can cast the devastating UltraNova.

If you had the foresight to buy an UltraNova trap (or multiple), remember to set it up before MegaStarky is at critical health. This will let you bypass UltraNova and add the Element to your inventory. Besides that, if you’re reeling from MegaStarky’s damage, consider using Diminish (buy it from Guldove in Home World). This will halve damage from Elements for everyone, so you should rely on standard attacks (from Lynx and Radius etc.).

Triumph against the supersized alien and he’ll shrink back to normal size. Afterwards, he’ll run around the place like a spoiled brat. Chase after him by running yourself, then grab him with the action button when you’re close. Your party will then persuade Starky to join.


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