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Fort Dragonia Boss Battle: Taurusoid

Vincent Lau

This page explains how to beat the Taurusoid boss at Fort Dragonia in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

Taurusoid is a boss encountered at the end of the green crystal path in Fort Dragonia.

How to Defeat Taurusoid

(1 of 2) Taurusoid has some mean attacks.

Taurusoid has some mean attacks. (left), If hit with a Yellow Element, it'll also heal itself. (right)

Taurusoid is a dangerous boss that hits like a truck. Given the choice, we’d leave it for last, but if you want to trap the Iceberg Element, you need to defeat it first to acquire the 16th growth star. That said, if you don’t care for Iceberg, you can skip ahead and do the Blue Crystal boss (which is far easier) before coming here.

Attack-wise, this hulk of a monster can use Body Press, Backdrop and Choke Slam to inflict Green damage to a target. On occasions, it can use two of these attacks one after the other, dealing massive damage. Always aim to keep your party topped up and carry Revive Elements on separate party members, for emergencies.

Although Taurusoid is a Green Innate, do not use Yellow Elements because Taurusoid will immediately cast Heal All, restoring 70 or so HP. Heal All is also Green, so any attempt to color the Field Effect Yellow won’t last long.

(1 of 2) Always keep your party topped up because Taurusoid can chain two powerful attacks.

Always keep your party topped up because Taurusoid can chain two powerful attacks. (left), This can deal 150+ damage to one party member. (right)

Instead, use any Elements that aren’t Yellow (or Green) to damage the boss. By the way, if you have excess Capsules, use those to turn the Field Effect Yellow. Given the Taurusoid’s damage output, you’ll probably end up using Capsules anyway. Whatever you do, try to remove any Green from the Field Effect, to make Taurusoid’s attacks hurt less.

Another thing you can do to weaken Taurusoid’s damage is to bring your own Green Innates. If you cured Kid’s poison, you can recruit Razzly. Meanwhile if you forsaked Kid, you’ve got Glenn, who’s a fantastic character to have. There’s also NeoFio available on both routes. Obviously, don’t use their Green Elements, but they should do fine with other color Elements.

After the Fight

Once you’ve toppled the beast, inspect the green crystal to deactivate it. This will power up the green dragon statue, creating a glowing green circle in the central room. From here, return to the central room and continue to the next area.


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