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Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Strategy Guide

First Published: 27-10-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 31-10-2019 / 18:47 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 27-01-2020 / 17:59 GMT

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Guide

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Challenge Tombs

Kuwaq Yaku - Howling Caves


In the northeast jungle of Kuwaq Yaku is where you will find the only challenge tomb of this region, marked by the usual yellow painted skulls at the very back of the area.

Head inside where you’ll see a barricade (this can’t be accessed yet) and a path that veers off to the left. Before you head for the broken walkway, stop to pick up the Explorer Backpack just to your left.

Now follow the linear path – jump way down below into the water at the bottom of the hole and climb out on the left-hand side (there’s some salvage at the bottom of the water if you really want it).

Explorer Backpack
Take the left path

Head forward but take the ledge on the left to avoid falling into a pit of spears. You’ll come to a slope – slide down it and jump to the craggy wall at the end. Rappel down and swing to the platform, then jump to the wall opposite and shimmy to the next craggy wall. Rappel down to the ground below and crawl through the tunnel ahead.

Rappel from craggy walls
Crawl through the tunnel to the wolf pit


There’s no use jumping to the ledge opposite as it will crumble, and you’ll fall into the pit anyway. Instead, simply jump down and equip your weapon of choice - we recommend something fast with high damage (such as the rifle). Take out the four wolves, salvage their hides, and move on.

Drop down into the wolf pit
Tether a rope over the fire

Head towards the fire and tether a rope between the two white coils. Cross the rope to the other side and pick up Document – Secret Winds before climbing the craggy wall. At the top here is a survival cache around the corner to your left, as well as the Petroleum Deposit Base Camp just ahead.

Document - Secret Winds
Petroleum Deposit Base Camp


Ignore the bridge ahead of you – instead, scramble up the wall beneath it to pass through the tunnel into the main chamber.

You’ll need to complete the puzzle to reach the stele. The path does lead right to it, but fire and debris block the way, so you’ll have to clear it using a combination of levers and shutters.

Follow these steps:

  • Interact with the first lever directly to your right and pull it all the way back. Head to the centre walkway and jump to the pendulum now swinging back and forth when it gets close to you. Then shimmy left – once close enough, and with the right timing, jump to the platform.

  • Pull the second lever to open a set of shutters. The strong winds will extinguish the flames on the centre walkway and set the second pendulum in motion. From here, jump to the walkway and across a second gap to reach the right side of the room.

  • Run left until a fire stops you going any further. Turn to face the walkway – you can see there’s a broken pendulum blocking the path. Simply wait for the second pendulum to swing towards you and fire an arrow at the rope coil above it. Lara will pull it, causing the pendulum to smash into the debris and clear the centre walkway for you. Now return to the second lever to close the shutters.

Use Survival Instincts to highlight objects
Jump to the second lever via the first pendulum
Open the shutters to extinguish the fire
Rope-pull the second pendulum to clear the debris
Reach the third pendulum
Climb the wall and pendulum
Tether a rope between pendulum two and three
Return to the third lever to extinguish the fire
Reach the stele

  • Now you can follow the centre walkway without getting knocked off by the winds, so follow it until you see the third lever on the left-hand side platform. The third pendulum is stuck against the wall. Climb the wall and traverse the pendulum until you can drop down next to the rope coil underneath it.

  • Tether a rope between this coil and the coil above the second pendulum, then use the rope to climb back to the other side. Return to the second lever once more to open the shutters again. After the wind helps to remove the obstruction, close them and head for the third lever.

  • Turn the lever to open another set of shutters that will extinguish the remaining fire blocking your path, then close them again. Now you can return to the centre walkway and follow it all the way up to the stele.

Once you have obtained your new Skill, you can follow the walkway back to the previous room’s Base Camp.


With fast-travel unlocked, you can simply exit the tomb by travelling to another Base Camp. Or, if you prefer, follow the path to the left to get out.

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