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Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Strategy Guide

First Published: 27-10-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 31-10-2019 / 18:47 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 22-01-2020 / 02:24 GMT

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Guide

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Side Missions

San Juan - How Sweet the Sound


When you arrive at Mission of San Juan your objective is to speak to Abby’s friend, Sara. A side mission becomes available right away, given by the man standing beside Sara, named Guillermo. Speak to him to begin the quest and start the first objective, which is to head to the back of the cemetery to speak to an old woman.

Next, speak to the children to learn about a hidden treasure. Then find the well on the right side of the cemetery and dig up the treasure from behind it - return it to the children.

Note: Next to the closed gate behind the tombstone, in the trees on the right, you can pick up an Archivist Map. There is also Relic – Slave Collar in front of a tombstone.

Speak to the old woman again to help her stand the tombstone upright, then inspect it for a clue. Crosses just like the one on the tombstone are scattered throughout the village and will lead you to your next objective if you follow them. You can use Survival Instincts to highlight them in green.

Speak to the old woman and the children
Dig up the treasure
Follow the crosses

Follow the crosses through the village, all the way out the front gate, and across the bridge on the left. When you reach the end of the bridge, the path splits – head along the right path and you’ll see another cross in the far distance.

Note: Before you jump over the gap, look to the left to find Relic – Faded Writing sitting on a tombstone.

Hop over the gap and head to the cross at the far end – be careful of the wolf den along the way because they’ll run out after you. Interact with the cross to open a wall ahead and make your way inside. Immediately to your left is Document – The Chosen One.

Follow the right path
Relic - Faded Writing
The wolf den
Interact with the cross
Document - The Chosen One
Drop down into the crypt

Jump to the craggy wall and rappel down into the crypt, then duck through the tunnel and run forward to see another craggy surface. Attach to it and scale down, then rappel as far down as you can before dropping into the water below. Speak to Isabela and loot the sarcophagus for VESTIGE: KANTU’S GILDED VEST.

To exit the crypt you must find another way out.

  • Crawl through the small opening in the wall on the left to reach a corridor. Head to the right first – hop over the collapsing floor and pick up Document – Believer’s Journal on a shelf. Next to it is a metal barrier that you can remove by using your shotgun. There’s a room behind it with a few resources.

  • Head back and go left this time. Inspect the mural, then squeeze through the gap in the wall – Document – Hubris sits next to a skeleton as soon as you go through. Around the next turn, leap off the edge and throw your Grapple Axe to swing across the metal hook to the other side.

  • Follow the tunnel to a dead end. Pick up Document – Pure of Heart on the left, then move forward to climb up the craggy wall to the upper platform. Before you continue forward, make a large jump across the gap on your left to find a small room with Relic – Wheel-lock Pistol, then return to the other side again.

  • Watch out for the collapsing floor, then duck through the short tunnel. As you move forward, you’ll trigger a new trap; Lara will automatically draw her pistol, so shoot the stone block as it swings towards you to avoid a killing blow.

  • In the next room, push the switch to open the gate on the left. Behind the switch is a cubbyhole – search it for Document – Demons before moving on.

  • At the gate, jump off the ledge and throw the Grapple Axe to swing across the hook to the far ledge (Lara doesn’t always make it the first time, so be prepared to respawn at Isabela). Then follow the trail back to the right and equip the bow to rope-pull a barricade.

  • Climb the craggy wall to the top and shimmy right to pull up. From here, follow the tunnel back outside, and return to Guillermo.

Hop over the trap
Document - Believer's Journal and shotgun barrier
Inspect the mural and squeeze through the gap
Document - Hubris
Swing across the metal hook
Document - Pure of Heart
Relic - Wheel-lock Pistol
Watch out for the trap
Step on the trap
Shoot the stone block
Push the switch
Document - Demons
Swing over the gap
Return to Guillermo

Now you can speak to Manu, a blind man sitting behind the Merchant and talking to a group of children. He wants you to find the entrance to a tomb in the southeast.

This opens up the Challenge Tomb, Thirsty Gods. Once you have completed the tomb and collected your prize, return to Manu to finish the side mission.

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