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Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Strategy Guide

First Published: 27-10-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 31-10-2019 / 18:47 GMT
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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Guide

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Hidden City - Chuki, the Weaver


Once you reach the abandoned village, you can access this crypt right away. As you enter the village, head left to find the archway to the lake. Beside the archway you can scramble up the wall and tether a rope over the lake, then traverse along the wall on the other side to reach the crypt entrance at the top.

Head left of the village entrance to find the white painted wall
Tether a rope between the two coils


Crawl through the entrance and disarm the trap at the bottom of the tunnel, then continue forward to the circular chamber. Inspect the mural on the right wall, then head through the left door and down the spiral staircase to pick up some Jade bricks.

Then head right of here and scramble under some spears to reach the next room. You can dive straight into the water (swim straight to the bottom for a survival cache) and head forward to squeeze through the crevice in the wall.

Enter the crypt
Disarm the traps
Inspect the mural
Find the spiral staircase on the left side of the chamber
Follow the path through to the next room
Dive into the water and follow the tunnel

Grab some air from the pocket then continue ahead until you see the second one. Sitting on a stone shelf just ahead is Relic – Lord and Lady of the Dead.

Find the steps to the right and behind you to resurface in a corridor. Disarm the spear trap, scramble under it, and turn the corner to pick up an Archivist Map. Then jump into the water ahead and search the bottom of the tunnel for another survival cache.

Disarm the traps
Archivist Map

Now head back the way you came in and swim directly ahead to a pry barrier. Tear it down, squeeze through, and follow the tunnel. At the spiral staircase, swim upward to resurface in the next room.

There are two doors on either side of the room, but unless you have the Reinforced Knife, you can’t cut through the braided-rope barriers. Instead, go up the steps directly in front of you to find the sarcophagus waiting at the top.

Loot it for a new outfit piece, VESTIGE: MANKO’S BOOTS, which you can restore at a Base Camp.

Tear down the barrier
Loot the sarcophagus

Note: Looting the sarcophagus activates the region challenge, Speaker for the Dead. To complete the challenge, simply uncover the locations of all four crypts in the region. Only two are accessible on your first visit, but the other two are not available until you return later on.


Opposite the sarcophagus is the way out. Follow the path and rope-pull the barrier ahead to return to the first room of the circular chamber. Simply exit the crypt the same way you entered, then swan-dive off the wooden platform outside to add it to the High Diving challenge.

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