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Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Strategy Guide

First Published: 27-10-2018 / 00:00 GMT
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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Guide

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Challenge Tombs

Cenote - San Cordoba


Soon after you enter the temple in Cenote, the path split – the left path continues the main story objective, while the right leads you to the chapter’s only challenge tomb.

Go right to access the tomb
Swim through the tunnel

Hop the gap and attach to the craggy wall. Climb up to dive into the water on the left. Follow the tunnel and use the air pockets if you need them. When you see the yellow skulls, head down that way – there are eels in the next area, so hide in the vegetation to avoid them. Eventually, you’ll be swept away down a waterfall.


Climb out and scramble up the wall to ascend the craggy surface. Scale right and jump to the ledge, then continue to shimmy to the next wall and climb up.

Head forward through the tunnel to reach the room with the Collapsed Temple Base Camp. Make a stop here if you need to, though it’s always wise to activate each Base Camp you find.


Climb up the ledge on the left and squeeze through the gap to the next room. Relic – Primitive Doll sits on the left side of the room, and there’s a survival cache on the right.

Now move to the other side of the room to see a stationary cannon. Push the cart in front of it out of the way and then push the cannon forward until it rolls down the slope and breaks down the barrier.

Follow the slope down into a huge cavern, and say hello to the abandoned Spanish galleon ship.

To board the ship, run along the beach on the right and follow it all the way around to the other side. Find the raft at the end and kick it into the water. Then jump on the raft and jump onto the handholds on the side of the ship to make your way up to the deck.


The stele is inside the captain’s cabin, but you can’t reach it yet. Follow these steps to get inside:

  • Descend the steps on the left to find the lever. Turn the lever to rotate the falconet above you – Lara will tell you when it’s in position. Face the front of the ship to drop into the water and find the gate – dive under to break it open.

  • Swim through the corridor to reach the front of the ship and climb out. Scramble up the boards until you reach the deck again. Head left to balance along a beam and jump to the craggy surface – climb up to reach the trail.

  • Follow the trail left and leap over to the boom, balancing over to the mast. Use the climbing axe to break the crank and release the boom.

Climb the side of the ship
Descend the stairs on the left
Rotate the falconet
Open the gate
Jump to the trail
Break the crank
Jump to the next trail
Swing to the mast
Rotate the second lever
Vault onto the cargo
Climb the foremast

  • Climb the mast until you’re balancing on the boom and go left. Jump to the ledge ahead and run right to the craggy wall.

  • Rappel from the craggy wall and swing over to the boom on the right. Follow it inward and drop down onto the deck below. Now turn the lever to rotate the mast toward the foremast at the back of the ship.

  • Now run to the left side of the mast and hop onto the crate. Jump to the boom and vault onto the cargo ahead.

  • Jump to the wooden boards and climb up to the top. Break the crank on the side of the mast to drop the cannon into the captain’s cabin, creating a hole in the upper deck.

To get inside the cabin, tether a rope between the two points and zipline down. Now you can drop through the hole into the cabin.

You can pick up Document – Captain’s Note on your right and then interact with the stele to learn a new Skill.


Rope pull the barrier down on the left and make your way back out. Dive into the water and follow the path back to the Base Camp. If you’re returning here at a later time, then fast travel out of the tomb.

If you need to return to the story, then head back to the beginning of the tomb the same way you entered until you reach the split pathway.

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