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Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Strategy Guide

First Published: 27-10-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 19-05-2019 / 16:09 GMT
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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Guide

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Story Walkthrough

Chapter 4 - Hidden City cont.

Region Summary
Base Camp11
Challenge Tomb3
Mission Giver11
Region Challenge6
Treasure Chest3
Survival Cache34


The cultist soldiers are on patrol, and as Lara returns to Paititi they immediately give chase. All you have to do is outrun them so sprint whenever possible to keep distance between you and them.

  • At the top of the steps a cart is pushed into your path, so stick to the right to avoid losing time.

  • Run up the ramp and jump to the pole to swing to the next set of steps.

  • After passing through the building, scramble up the two platforms on the right and jump across the gap.

  • The walkway will collapse but don’t jump until you reach the end. As you swing to the next platform, this also collapses, sending Lara sliding toward another structure.

  • From here, continue sprinting through the huts until you reach a lower section of Paititi.


Exit through the hole in the wall to find the Paititi Base Camp just outside. You are now in the centre of the village and your next objective is to go back to Unuratu. However, if you wish to do some more exploration, this is your chance before continuing with the story.

Paititi Base Camp
Unuratu's Home Base Camp

When you’re ready, you can use the Paititi Base Camp to upgrade if needed. If you discovered Unuratu’s Home Base Camp (next to the waypoint marker on the map) then you can fast travel straight to her to activate a cutscene.


The Mountain Temple is located north of Paititi. When you have control again you can enter the room behind you to use the Base Camp and pick up a Document.

Leave the cave and head down the steps, then turn right to make your way into the farmlands. The entrance to the mine is at the very top back of the area, so simply make your way up.

It’s worth scouring the area for resources, and you can pick up a Relic on the floor next to the mine entrance once you get there. There’s also a green monolith, but chances are you won’t be able to read it yet, so come back later.

Base Camp and Document
Head right from the steps
The farmlands
Mine entrance
Relic - Urpu

Now scramble up the wall into the mine entrance and move through the room to reach the Mountain Temple.

Note: The farmlands also offers a high diving point to add to your region challenge. Follow along the left wall as you enter to find the braided rope-barrier. You’ll need a Reinforced Knife to cut through and gain access to the wooden platform that looks out over the river below.

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