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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III

7/16 - Field Exercises Day 2 (Morning)

Ben Chard
Shane Williams

#Key Information

Side Quests Client AP
St. Astraia’s Distress Governor Regnitz 3(+3)
Precious Cargo Heimdallr Airport 4
Heimdallr Tunnels Monsters City Hall 4
A Lost & Distant Boy Roscoe & Bella 4
Sub Events Location
Radio Story #9 Heimdallr Cathedral (Lady Elba)
Landscape Photo #12 Karel Imperial Villa
New Character Notes Location
Jingo Watson’s Weapons & Armor
Thomas Plaza Bifrost Dept. Store
Vivi Vesta Street
Kenneth Lakelord Comapany
Machias Heimdallr Racecourse
Alisa Heimdallr Airport
Gaius Karel Imperial Villa
Items Location
Heartless Edgar - Chapter 9 (Book) West Ostia Highway (Speak to Private Mickel)
Swordsman (Vantage Masters Card) Watson’s Weapons & Armor

Leave Camp

Before leaving the camp you’ll want to speak with Sandy and hand over the three Moon Truffle’s to complete the Branch Campus Quest, Legendary Recipe. Upon completion you’ll get given Lenheim Risotto x9 and 5000 Mira, now show the Character Notes/Book Notes/Battle Notes to Louise (84+ Profile Notes), Tatiana (31+ Book Notes), Valerie (174+ Battle Notes), this will reward you with Vitality/Magic/Power Droplets x4.

Head to the Sankt District and interact with the gate at the girls school to begin the quest, St. Astraia’s Distress.

Side Quest: St. Astraia’s Distress

Go to the entrance of the School in Sankt District to begin this quest.

In order to complete this quest you’ll need to pick the following options to get the bonus 3 AP.

  • Option #1 - Resist a little before giving in.

  • Option #2 - Dodge while stringing them along.

  • Option #3 - Disarm him with the switchaxe.

Upon choosing the final option the quest will complete and you’ll be rewarded a Holy Bell, Juna’s/Musses’s St.Astraia Uniform and 5000 Mira.

Head to Heimdallr Airport and speak with Staffer Simmons to begin the quest, Precious Cargo.

Side Quest: Precious Cargo

Speak with Staffer Simmons at Heimdallr Airport to begin this quest.

Once you’ve accepted the quest, make your way over to Plaza Bifrost Department Store (Vainqueur Street) and speak with Lepanto, then go to the Lucien Art Cafe (Leica District) and talk to Nancy. Finally, speak with Fred in Herschels’s General Store (Vesta District), then go and examine the northeast gate in Sankt District to complete the quest.

  • Explore Heimdallr Underground 3

Head to South Ostia Highway and return to Heimdallr Undground 3. Here you’ll want to make your way over to the center of the map, then head west until you reach the next intersection. Go south to find a Chest that contains U-Material x5, then return to the intersection and continue going west to face the Mega Kraken.

Boss: Mega Kraken

Begin the battle scanning the kraken, then activate sledgehammer and work on getting it into the break status. Once you’ve achieved this you’ll want to use Wind Blade along with normal attacks until his next turn, then finish it off with S-Crafts.

After you’ve defeated the Kraken the Heimdallr Tunnels Monster quest will be completed. Upon completion you’ll gain 5000 Mira.

Head to Dreichels Plaza and speak to Bella or Roscoe to begin the Side Quest, A Lost & Distant Boy.

Side Quest: A Lost & Distant Boy

Head to Dreichels Plaza and speak to Bella or Roscoe to begin this Side Quest

Go to the Leica District and chat to Lady Laniela, then head to Vainqueur Street and talk to Chris who can be found roaming the streets. Finally, talk to Dolce in Vesta Street, then speak with Artem in the Racecourse Plaza to complete the quest. Upon completion you’ll gain 5000 Mira and a Cherry Corsage.

Gather intel around Heimdallr

Head into Watson’s Weapons & Armor and speak with Jingo to update her Character Note, then beat her at a game of Vantage Masters to acquire the Swordsman Card.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

King of Games

Completely filled the cards section in the notebook.

Trophy icon

Go up to the 2F of Plaza Bifrost Department Store and talk to Thomas to update his Character Note, then head towards Emma in Dreichels Plaza to view an event, now make your way to Vesta Street and speak with Vivi to update her Character Note. Go to the Bracer Guild to view an event with Sara, then go into the Lakelord Comapany (Leica District) and speak with Kenneth twice to update his Character Note.

(1 of 2) Head into Watsons Weapons & Armor and beat Jingo at a game of Vantage Masters to acquire the Swordsman Card,

Head into Watsons Weapons & Armor and beat Jingo at a game of Vantage Masters to acquire the Swordsman Card, (left), then go to West Ostia Highway and chat to Private Mickel to obtain the Heartless Edgar - Chapter 9. (right)

Head into the Vander Training Hall to view a sub-event, then go to Heimdallr Catherdral and speak with Lady Elba to get some gossip for the radio. Send that over to Munk via the Arcus II, then speak with Major Claire or Millium to view an event, now go to the Racecourse Premises and chat to Machias or Jusis to view another event.

Speak with Machias once more to update his Character Note, then go to Heimdallr Airport and chat to Alisa twice to update her Character Note. Finally, go to West Ostia Highway and chat to Private Mickel to acquire the Heartless Edgar - Chapter 9, then take the train to Karel Imperial Villa.

Once you’ve arrived head west to find a Fishing Spot along with a Landscape Photo, send this to Vivi via the Arcus II, then go to the northeast of the area to view an event. Now proceed further into the area to view a cutscene then speak with Gaius to update his Character Note.

Return to Vainqueur Street after a few cutscenes and speak with Keith (Golden Spear) to have a spot of lunch. After you’re done eating head to the Imperial Museum to begin your afternoon duties.


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