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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Shane Williams
First Published: 20-02-2020 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 10-09-2020 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 22-09-2020 / 20:43 GMT

These entries all relate to your classmates not part of Class VII, the majority of these are obtained via completing certain side quests throughout the game.

JessicaProfilePage 1Page 2
Jessica_Character_Note_Notebook_Trails_Of_Cold_Steel_III.jpg4/15 - Speak at the Academy Field4/23 - Speak at the EX Camp6/10 - Complete the quest "Tip of the Spear"
LeonoraProfilePage 1Page 2
Leonora_Character_Note_Notebook_Trails_Of_Cold_Steel_III.jpg4/15 - Speak at the Pool/Training Ground - Firing Range5/13 - Speak at the Swimming Pool6/18 - Complete the quest "Pride of the Fleet"
MayaProfilePage 1Page 2
Maya_Character_Note_Notebook_Trails_Of_Cold_Steel_III.jpg4/15 - Speak at the Pool/Training Ground - Firing Range5/20 - Speak at the EX Camp7/9 - Complete the quest "Maya's Depression"
WayneProfilePage 1Page 2
Wayne_Character_Note_Notebook_Trails_Of_Cold_Steel_III.jpg4/15 - Speak at the School 2F - Class VIII Combat Tactics Room5/14 - Complete the quest "Revenge of the Swimming Lessons"7/9 - Speak at Boutique Lapin in Leeves
SidneyProfilePage 1Page 2
Sidney_Character_Note_Notebook_Trails_Of_Cold_Steel_III.jpg4/15 - Speak at the Student Cafeteria5/14 - Complete the quest "Sidney's Sadness"7/17 - Speak at Dreichels Plaza
FreddyProfilePage 1Page 2
Freddy_Character_Note_Notebook_Trails_Of_Cold_Steel_III.jpg4/15 - Speak at the Vegetable Garden4/23 - Complete the quest "Wild Recipe"5/20 - Speak at Orchis Tower 34F
GustafProfilePage 1Page 2
Gustaf_Character_Note_Notebook_Trails_Of_Cold_Steel_III.jpg4/15 - Speak at the Student Cafeteria5/21 - Speak at the EX Camp6/17 - Complete the quest "Gustaf's Gunpowder"
LouiseProfilePage 1Page 2
Louise_Character_Note_Notebook_Trails_Of_Cold_Steel_III.jpg4/15 - Speak at the Academy Field (day)4/15 - Speak at Branch Campus Dorm 1F (Night)5/20 - Complete the quest "Mishy Merch"
TatianaProfilePage 1Page 2
Tatiana_Character_Note_Notebook_Trails_Of_Cold_Steel_III.jpg4/15 - Speak at the School 1F - Library5/13 - Complete the quest "Book BL-under"7/9 - Speak at Carnegie Books & Game in Leeves
SandyProfilePage 1Page 2
Sandy_Character_Note_Notebook_Trails_Of_Cold_Steel_III.jpg4/15 - Speak at the Clubhouse 2F4/22 - Speak at the EX Camp7/15 - Complete the quest "Legendary Recipe"
ValerieProfilePage 1Page 2
Valerie_Character_Note_Notebook_Trails_Of_Cold_Steel_III.jpg4/15 - Speak at the Courtyard6/10 - Speak at the Academy Rooftop7/4 - Complete the quest "Rock & a Hard Place"
TitaProfilePage 1Page 2
Tita_Character_Note_Notebook_Trails_Of_Cold_Steel_III.jpg4/15 - Speak at the Hangar6/11 - Complete the quest "Precious Gifts for Precious People"7/9 - Story Progression
PabloProfilePage 1Page 2
Pablo_Character_Note_Notebook_Trails_Of_Cold_Steel_III.jpg4/15 - Speak at the School 2F - Class IX Military Finance Room4/16 - Complete the quest "Getting a Band Together"6/16 - Speak at Derfflinger Car #1
KairiProfilePage 1Page 2
Kairi_Character_Note_Notebook_Trails_Of_Cold_Steel_III.jpg4/15 - Speak at the School 2F - Class IX Military Finance Room5/13 - Speak at Main Building 1F6/11 - Complete the quest "Way of the Tea Ceremony"
StarkProfilePage 1Page 2
Stark_Character_Note_Notebook_Trails_Of_Cold_Steel_III.jpg4/15 - Speak at the Student Cafeteria5/13 - Speak at Dorm - 2F7/9 - Complete the quest "Is This Your Card?"

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Join Rean on an adventure through Erebonia, where you'll embark on new journey as a Thors Branch Campus Instructor. Here you'll explore many locations, face old/new enemies, and find many treasures that give you an advantage in battle as well fancy clothes to help you look the part.

The guide for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III will include all there is to see and do including a walkthrough featuring where to find all Side/Branch Campus Quests, Chests, Books, Cards, Recipes and more. Including in depth guidance on how to beat every boss as well as how to solve and conquer all dungeons.

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