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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III

4/22 - Field Exercises Day 1 (Morning)

Ben Chard
Shane Williams

4/21 - Explore the train

Key Information (4/21)

New Character Notes Location
Major Claire Derfflinger Car 2
Items Location
Ranger (Vantage Masters Card) Derfflinger Car 3 - Beat Juna

(1 of 3) Talk to Claire to obtain her Character Note

As you’re traveling towards the Sutherland Province on the Derfflinger, there are a couple things you’ll want to do here. Head into Car 1 and speak with Towa and then go into the Guest Room 02-D in Car 2 to speak with Major Claire to get her Character Note updated. Before going straight into Car 3 take a quick shower to restore your HP, EP and CP. Now go into the next Car and speak with Juna to challenge her to game of Vantage Masters, upon winning you’ll receive the Ranger Card. Head into room 04-A in Car 4 to speak with Kurt and then go in Car 5 to speak with Altina. Make your way into Car 6 and talk to the Divine Knight Valimar. Fianlly, go back to room 02-B in Car 2 to rest up for the big day tomorrow.

Field Exercises, Day 1

Key Information

Side Quests Client AP
Red Perch Search Izzy 4
The Wonderful, Wonderful Cat Old Man Ivan 4
Prepare to Dye Reggie 4
Branch Campus Quests Client AP
Wild Recipe (can’t complete until the evening of 4/22) Freddy 4
Sub Events Location
Radio Story #1 Maid Kisela - Hotel Augusta - Saint-Arkh
Lanscape Photo #1 Isthmia Great Forest
Black Records 1 (Copy) Story Progression
New Character Notes Location
Sandy Speak at the EX Camp
Freddy Complete the quest “Wild Recipe”
Items Location
Imperial Chronicle - Issue 2 (Book) Stark - EX Camp (100 Mira)
Coby and the Mysterious Museum - Part 1 (Book) Residence - Noble District - Saint-Arkh
The Immoral Hero - Part 1 (Book) Ernool Used Books - General Store - Cathedral Square (1000 Mira)
Kaleido (Master Quartz) Tita - EX Camp Car 5 (2000 Mira)
Oberon (Master Quartz) Tita - EX Camp Car 5 (2000 Mira)
Brass Fountain Pen (Kurt Gift) Demeter Exchange & Antiques - Residential District - Saint-Arkh - Trade White Glasses and Silver Earring
Guene-Foss (Vantage Masters Card) Hyarms Manor - Saint Arkh - Beat Celestin
New Recipes Location
Fluffy Chiffon Cake April Cafe & Inn - Saint-Arkh (600 Mira)
Southern Punch Fresh Juice Stall - Cathedral Square - Saint-Arkh (500 Mira)
New Fish Location
Type #2 - Sky Gill South Sutherland Highway 1
Type #9 - Red Perch (Rod Level 5+ only) South Sutherland Highway 1
Type #3 - Cangiru Isthmia Great Forest

Once you’ve managed to get out of bed, you and your team will have a short briefing on the tasks at hand today. After you regain control of Rean you’ll gain access to the Arcus II, in order to open it press [L2+Circle] and you’ll be given a thank you message from Elise about the gift you got for her. Go speak to Pablo which is over to your right and purchase the following weapons Shiranami no Tachi (Rean), Silver Star (Juna), Stilettos (Kurt) and finally Steel Edge (Altina). You may be running low on Mira so you can repeat the same process as you did in the Free Day.

(1 of 3) Speak with Pablo to purchase some better weapons

Speak with Sandy to obtain her Character Note then pop into Car 5 and talk to Tita, here you can purchase new Master Quartz, Kaleido and Oberon. Kaleido will be best to equip to Altina as it will increase her ATS, this means her Art Attacks/Healing will be at a higher potency. Once you’re done, pop into Car 1 and speak with Louise to update her Character Profile, then head back outside and purchase the Imperial Chronicle - Issue 2 from Stark. The final thing to before heading out the northeast exit is to speak with Freddy to accept the Wild Recipe Branch Campus Quest.

  • South Sutherland Highway 1
Enemy HP Slash Thrust Pierce Strike Elemental Efficacy Item Drop
Vampskipper 990 ☆☆☆ ☆☆☆ E - 180, WA - 80, F - 140, WN - 100 Clear Gelatin, Fishing Bait
Pom 988 ☆☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ E - 80, WA - 100, F - 120, WN - 180 Clear Gelatin, Smoke Grenade
Hyenadon 1094 ☆☆ ☆☆☆ ☆☆ E - 100, WA - 160, F - 80, WN - 120 Beast Flesh, Globby Fat
Rhinocider 7701 ☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ N/A ☆☆☆ E - 120, WA - 60, F - 140, WN - 180 La Crest, Earth Pulse

Once you’ve entered South Sutherland Highway 1, go over to the right of the area and you’ll find a Rhinocider guarding a Red Chest, here you’ll want to begin the battle with a Charge Attack to give you a Triple Advantage against him. Upon taking out the Rhinocider, open the Chest to obtain a pair of White Glasses.

(1 of 2) Take out the Rhinocider that is guarding the Red Chest

Take out the Rhinocider that is guarding the Red Chest (left), and then open it to obtain a pair of White Glasses. (right)

From here, head over to the Fishing Spot along the eastern edge and catch yourself a Sky Gill and a Red Perch (Rod Level 5), if you did the Mira trick back in the Free Day and purchased the Fishing Gear your Rod Level should be around level 7.

There are two more Chests in this small opening area for you to snag, continue to hug the eastern wall here as you go around it and you’ll spot another Chest, this one containing All Sepith x50. Finally, make your way over to the northwest part of the area and you’ll spot another Rhinocider guarding a Red Chest, dispatch it and open it to obtain a Golden Sphere R, a handy Quartz that attacks a Medium Range but more importantly, offers HP+100/STR+4/ATS+4, be sure to equip it straight away. There’s not much else you can do here for now, the southern route to Parm is blocked off for now so take the chance to fight some enemies and gain a Level or two before heading through the entrance to Saint-Arkh to the north.


After you regain control of Rean following the meeting with Marquis Hyarms, you’ll receive your list of Quests for your first day, while you’re only required to complete the Required Quest, if you want maximum AP and in turn, the Trophies related to it, you’ll want to undertake every Quest, including hidden ones.

(1 of 3) Challenge Celestin to a game of Vantage Masters

Before you get to work on clearing out your Quests, there’s lots to see and do in Saint-Arkh. Begin by heading north of your position and speak to Celestin twice to play Vantage Masters with him, upon winning you’ll obtain Guene-Foss x3. Leave the mansion and you’ll find yourself in the Noble District, there’s one of the Side Quests you can do here but first, take the time to explore and collect some items. Head into the mansion to the west of the Minimap but ignore the Quest for now, instead, look to the bookshelf in the corner to find Coby and the Mysterious Museum - Part 1 before leaving.

Take the southern exit to the Residential District and you’ll trigger a scene where you’ll learn more about the Radio Story and Black Records Questlines, these will take place over the game and as you get what each person is looking for, you can use the Arcus II (by holding the [L2] button) to report to them, giving you rewards in the process. You’ll receive Black Records 1 (Copy) here and then be free to continue your exploration.

(1 of 2) Head into the Demeter Exchange & Antiques to trade in the items you found earlier for the Brass Foundation Pen

Head into the Demeter Exchange & Antiques to trade in the items you found earlier for the Brass Foundation Pen (left), and then purchase the Southern Punch Recipe at the Fresh Juice Stall. (right)

Begin by heading to the south of this area and enter Demeter Exchange & Antiques. Provided you picked up the White Glasses and Silver Earring, you can trade for the Brass Fountain Pen (Kurt Gift), use this to give Kurt a boost in both Bond and HP. Ignore the Inn for now and make your way to the eastern exit to reach Cathedral Square. To the north is the Cathedral and just to the east of that is a Fresh Juice stall where you can learn the Southern Punch Recipe for 500 Mira. Make your way over to Hotel Augusta and speak to the Maid to get some gossip for Radio Story #1 and immediately send it over to Munk using the Arcus II.

(1 of 2) Head into the Albion Garden Department Store to purchase some new armor for the team

Head into the Albion Garden Department Store to purchase some new armor for the team (left), and then buy the Immoral Hero - Part 1 before leaving. (right)

Leave and enter Albion Garden Department Store, in here you’ll find all manner of shops. Chardin Boutique will sell some better Armor than what you could buy at the EX Camp, be sure to buy them if you have the extra Mira (especially on Nightmare). Make your way upstairs to Ernool Used Books and purchase the Immoral Hero - Part 1 Book and if you have the Mira, Proverbs - Gentle Forest, this accessory can be traded along with others for a powerful accessory later in the game. Finally, speak to Kestner at the Weapon & Armor store to ask him about the monsters. With this small detour out of the way, head back to the Noble District.

Red Perch Search

(1 of 2) Speak to Izzy in the mansions kitchen to begin the Side Quest

Speak to Izzy in the mansions kitchen to begin the Side Quest (left), and then give her the Red Perch to complete it. (right)

Make your way to the mansion on the west side of the district and speak to Izzy in the Kitchen to begin the Quest. You’ll learn that she’s looking for a Red Perch to help with a dish and wants you to go out and fish one up for her. She’ll hand over Fishing Bait x10 and Kurt will point you back to the Highway where you can find the Fishing Pond. If you already did fishing during your first time through the South Sutherland Highway then you may already have one on you, otherwise, return to the Fishing Spot there and fish one up. Once you have the Red Perch, return to Izzy and hand it over to complete the Side Quest and obtain Fresh Milk, Honey Syrup and Assorted Grains x10 along with 2000 Mira and 4 AP.

Make your way over to the Residential District now and head into April Cafe & Inn and speak to Nash to purchase the Fluffy Chiffon Cake Recipe and then head over to the woman with pink hair. This is Vivi and after giving you some information on the monsters, you’ll trade contact info with her.

The Wonderful, Wonderful Cat

Speak with Old Man Ivan and Kimmy in the April Cafe & Inn to begin this Side Quest.

While in April Cafe & Inn, head to the second room upstairs to find Old Man Ivan and Kimmy. You’ll learn about the missing cat, Felix and some leads on where Felix may have run off to. Head over to the Noble District and speak to Sir Casette to learn it headed towards the Airport so return to Cathedral Square and head east from the Cathedral itself to a bridge where a rather helpful Red-haired Girl will give you some more useful information. Finally, make your way back to the Residential Area and head to the southeast to examine the gate at the end. After the cutscene, you’ll return Felix to his owner and complete the Quest, obtaining White Kitty Ears, 2000 Mira and 4 AP.

Herb Helper

You can’t access the last Side Quest for now so finally make your way to Cathedral Square and speak with Archbishop Ramsen to begin the Required Quest. Once the conversation with Ramsen has come to a close you’ll want make your way into the West Sutherland Highway via the Residential Area’s west exit.

  • West Sutherland Highway
Enemy HP Slash Thrust Pierce Strike Elemental Efficacy Item Drop
Simiamanita) 1191 ☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆ E - 120, WA - 180, F - 120, WN - 60 Hearty Powder, Plant Bits
Bomb Grass) 1979 ☆☆☆☆ N/A E - 120, WA - 140, F - 80, WN - 120 Hearty Powder, Plant Bits
Hypnotoad) 5605 ☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆ E - 180, WA - 120, F - 40, WN - 100 Globby Fat, Black Bangle

(1 of 3) Go down the path in the middle to find a Chest that holds 3x Curia Balm and S-Tablets

Upon arrival you’ll gain access to the Landscape Photos Side Quest. Take a few steps forward and you’ll come across a bunch of Simiamanitas, use a Battle Scope on them to add it to your Battle Book. This enemy, along with the Bomb Grass in this area can drop the Plant Bits that you need for Freddy’s Wild Recipe Side Quest, continue along until you see a path opening in the middle to find a Chest that contains Curia Balm and S-Tablet x3. Proceed deeper into the area via the eastern path and you’ll find a Red Chest that’s holding a Green Pendulum which is an accessory that will prevent the Sleep, Nightmare, and Confuse status effects. Take the west path up towards Isthmia Great Forest and you’ll come across a path going over to the right, here you can open the final Chest to obtain a Recuria, this is a Recovery Art that Cures all ailments. Finally, proceed into the great forest once you’re done with everything here.

  • Isthmia Great Forest
Enemy HP Slash Thrust Pierce Strike Elemental Efficacy Item Drop
Witch Cat 1285 ☆☆ ☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ N/A E - 60, WA - 100, F - 180, WN - 150, TI - 140, SP - 120, MI - 80 Globby Fat, S-Tablet
Brockary 2141 ☆☆ ☆☆☆ E - 110, WA - 60, F - 120, WN - 140, TI - 100, SP - 80, MI - 140 Beast Flesh, Curia Balm
Dedigaga 3628 ☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ N/A E - 100, WA - 120, F - 140, WN - 80, TI - 80, SP - 140, MI - 100 Breath, Blind
Agilataran 9563 ☆☆ ☆☆☆ N/A ☆☆☆ E - 140, WA - 100, F - 60, WN - 120, TI - 180, SP - 120, MI - 60 Nightmare, Speed Breaker

As soon as you walk into the forest there is a Restore Point waiting for you, continue walking forward and you’ll enter a battle which can’t be avoided. This battle will feature three new Elemental Efficacys in the form of Space, Time, and Mirage alongside five new AT bonues. This will include Deathblow which can make an Attack or Craft have the chance to one-shot an enemy unless you or the enemy are immune via certain accesories which you can obtain later in the game. Upon defeating the enemies the team will discuss more about the stronger enemies.

(1 of 3) Take the left path to find a Red Chest that has the Coral Bracelet inside

Walk along the left path and you’ll stumble across the Isthmia Great Forest Pond, here you’ll want to spend a little time Fishing to catch the now obtainable fish, Canigiru. After the fish is in your possession head over to the west and take on the Agilataran, make sure to begin this battle with a Charge Attack. With the fierce spider taken out, open the Red Chest to acquire the Coral Bracelet which can prevent Seal when equipped.

Go back towards the entrance and go along the other path until you see and opening to the left, here you’ll be able to do the first Landscape Photo alongside a Herb Seed which is in the Chest, this can be given to Sandy back at EX Camp. Send the photo to Vivi via the Arcus II and then continue deeper into the forest until you come across another Chest that contains Celestial Balm x2, now just continue following that path around until you see the final Chest that contains the Gladiator Headband.

(1 of 2) Take out the three Agilatarens

Take out the three Agilatarens (left), and then pick up five Erynflowers. (right)

Before making your way to the end of the path, make sure you’ve got max CP and BP as you’ll be ambushed by three Agilataren’s. Once the battle begins you’ll want to make use of Altina’s Brave Order, Ebon Crest, which will reflect all damage for four rounds. As for attacking these Spiders, you’ll want to aim for Crafts that have a large radius or a high break rating, Juna’s Gemini Blast is a great choice for range as it can hit all three in one turn and Kurt’s Rain Slash is good for putting them into the Break Status.

After the enemies have been slain you’ll want to pick up five Erynflowers and then you’ll view a scene. After you’ve regained control you’ll now have the Brave Order Divine Song, this will remove casting time for six turns. Go back to the Cathedral and you’ll bump into Elliot, after the conversation has concluded you’ll want to see Archbishop Ramsen to complete the quest which will reward you with Heal, this is a Quartz that will grant the user Tear/Teara and Curia while also recovering HP on the field and boosting your HP+600 and EP+60, needless to say, this is a pretty good Quartz and one you’ll want to equip. Exit Cathedral Square via the southeast exit to reach North Sutherland Highway 1.

  • North Sutherland Highway 1
Enemy HP Slash Thrust Pierce Strike Elemental Efficacy Item Drop
Crop Muncher 1085 ☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆ E - 100, WA - 80, F - 180, WN - 120 Beast Flesh, Curia Balm
Iron Vise 1669 ☆☆☆ ☆☆ E - 140, WA - 80, F - 140, WN - 200 Chitinous Shell, U-Material
Danghorn 4816 ☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ N/A ☆☆☆ E - 120, WA - 200, F - 100, WN - 60 Beast Flesh, U-Material

(1 of 2) Follow the path around to the right to find a Chest with the Cool Necklace inside

Follow the path around to the right to find a Chest with the Cool Necklace inside (left), and then go to the end of the path to find another Chest with a Teara Balm, EP Charge II and Reviving Balm (right)

Follow the path along until you see a path going off to the right, here you’ll find a Chest that contains a Cool Necklace, this will prevent Burn when equipped. Continue all the way forward until you reach the North Sutherland Highway 2 entrance, here you can find a Chest that’s tucked in the left corner, open it to obtain a Teara Balm, EP Charge II, and Reviving Balm. Proceed down the path on the left and you’’ll face three Phlanx J9s.

Sub-boss: Phlanx J9

Enemy HP Slash Thrust Pierce Strike Elemental Efficacy Item Drop
Phalanx J9 5198 ☆☆ ☆☆☆ E - 100, WA - 160, F - 120, WN - 80 EP Charge II, U-Material

Before you begin dealing some damage to these enemies you’ll want to quickly use a Battle Scope on it to add them to your Battle Book. To begin this fight you’ll want to use Ebon Crest on the party and then use Crafts that have a high break rating, so Juna’s Cross Break will be a good one to use as it can put all three into the break Status within one turn, now use normal attacks and make use of those crits to quickly take them out. With the J9’s dealt with you’ll want to walk over to the end of the path to view a short scene, then return to the Cathedral Square to view another event and then walk a few steps forward to advance the time to afternoon.


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