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5/13 - After School

Ben Chard
Shane Williams

#Key Information

Branch Campus Quests Client AP
Book BL-under Tatiana - Chapel 4
Sub Events Reward
Dorm Baths Kurt Affinity+
Black Records 2 Chapel - Speak to Rosine
New Character Notes Location
Celestine School 2F - Terminal Room
Kairi School 1F
Leonora Swimming Pool (speak to Altina)
Mint Hangar
Munk Radio Trista
Professor Schmidt Hangar
Rosine Chapel
Stark Dorms 2F (Night)
Tatiana Complete the quest “Book BL-under”
Items Location
Imperial Chronicles - Issue 3 (Book) Gina - Student Cafeteria (100 Mira)
Elegant Scrunchie (Claire Gift) Neinvalli - Trade with Holy Chain
Sports Compendium (Juna Gift) Carnegie Books & Games (1000 Mira)
Expanded Spool (Fishing Gear) Nyo-Sui-An Imports (Catch 9 different Types of Fish)
Wall (Vantage Masters Card) Student Cafeteria - Defeat Major Michael
New Recipes Location
Juicy Ham Sandwich Recette Bakery & Cafe (900 Mira)
New Fish Location
Type #12 - Rainbow Trout (Fishing Level 6) Leeves River

Check on the branch campus

Once you’ve returned to the school after an eventful Field Exercise you’ll want to go into the Branch Principal Room and speak with Principal Aurelia, now head up to the 2F and go into the Terminal Room to speak with Celestin to get his Character Note. Make your way over to the Hanger to speak with Mint for her Chracter Note, then go up to the 2F and talk to Professor Schmidt twice for another Character Note, now go down the stairs and you’ll view a scene.

(1 of 2) Challenge Michael to a game of Vantage Masters in the Student Cafeteria

Challenge Michael to a game of Vantage Masters in the Student Cafeteria (left), and you'll obtain the Wall Card upon winning. (right)

Go back into the school and speak with Kairi in the 1F Corridor to obtain his Character Note, then make your way over to the Swimming Pool and speak with either Leonora or Altina to acquire Leonora’s Character Note. Head into the Cafteria and challenge Major Michael to a game of Vantage Masters, upon winning you’ll receive the Wall Card, now purchase the Imperial Chronicle - Issue 3 Book from Gina. Finally, talk to Sandy at the Vegetable Garden to be given Fresh Herbs x30 and Ripe Strawberry x10, then go to the school entrance to return to the Dorms.

Head to the tavern

Once you regain control, exit Rean’s room and go down to the 2F and speak with Stark in his room to acquire his Chracter Note, now go into the Male Bathroom to view an event with Kurt which will increase your Bond with him. Go out into the town and purchase the Sports Compendium from Rachel in Carnergie Books & Games. This is a gift for Juna so you’ll want to use it to up her Strength by 10 and increase your Bond slightly. Speak with Sister Rosine twice in the Chapel to get her Character Note and a Copy of Black Records 2, then go and talk to Munk in Radio Trista to acquire his Character Note.

(1 of 2) Head into the Carnegie Books & Games to purchase the Sports Compendium

Head into the Carnegie Books & Games to purchase the Sports Compendium (left), and then go into the Chapel to speak with Rosine to acquire the Black Records 2. (right)

Head into Neinvalli Exchange and purchase the Holy Chain for 1000 Mira and then trade it for the Elegant Scrunchie, this is a gift for Major Claire and will up her STR/ATS by 10 as well as your Bond with her. If you have the Mira to spare, purchase Shining Pom Bait for 10,000. Go to the Leeves River and do a spot of fishing until you catch the Rainbow Trout, then speak with Old Man Rod to acquire the Expanded Spool as a reward for catching nine different fish.

Branch Campus Quest: Book BL-under

Speak with Tatiana in the Chapel to begin this Quest, then head into Recette to talk to Liza for some useful information on the whereabouts of the Book. Before leaving, purchase the Juicy Ham Sandwich Recipe, now go into the Tavern & Inn and speak with Cain to complete the quest. You’ll be rewarded with Fresh Herb, Crisp Onions, and Flaky Potato x5 along with 2000 Mira. Finally go back into the Inn and talk to Barney to view a scene and advance time to the next day.


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Join Rean on an adventure through Erebonia, where you’ll embark on new journey as a Thors Branch Campus Instructor. Here you’ll explore many locations, face old/new enemies, and find many treasures that give you an advantage in battle as well fancy clothes to help you look the part.

The guide for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III will include all there is to see and do including a walkthrough featuring where to find all Side/Branch Campus Quests, Chests, Books, Cards, Recipes and more. Including in depth guidance on how to beat every boss as well as how to solve and conquer all dungeons.

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