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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III


Ben Chard
Shane Williams

Rank Accessories

Name Location Stats
Stronghold Emblem DEF/ADF +20/Prevents Delay Acquire Academic Rank G
Onslaught Emblem STR +20, SPD +7 / Prevents Stat Down Acquire Academic Rank E
Glory Emblem EVA +10%, Crit +10%/CP +10 every turn Acquire Academic Rank S
Red Star Lionheart Medal STR/ATS +100, SPD +5 Acquire First Class Rank
Blue Star Lionheart Medal STR/DEF/ATS/ADF +100/Abnormal Stats Nullify Acquire Prestigious Rank

Event Accessories

Name Location Stats
Hexen Bell Speak with Celine at the Summer Festival once here bond is maxed EP +1000
Argent Cross Speak with Elise at the Summer Festival once here bond is maxed ADF +600
Kaleidosphere Speak with Claire at the Summer Festival once here bond is maxed ACC +100%, Crit +15%
Mirage Cape Speak with Sharon’s at the Summer Festival once here bond is maxed SPD +5, EVA +20%
Li’l Devil Doll Capture and turn in all Landscape Photos HP +1000 / Prevents K.O./Revives with full HP
Abend Medal Report all Radio Stories to Munk DEF +600

Store Accessories

Name Location Stats
Silver Earring Any Store Prevents Poison
Silver Chain Exchange Store HP +2500 - DEF +20 / Prevents Poison
Coral Ring Any Store Prevents Seal
Coral Bracelet Exchange Store STR +10 / Prevents Seal
Coral Charm Exchange Store STR +20 - ACC +50% / Prevents Seal
Marble Ring Any Store Prevents Mute
Marble Bracelet Exchange Store ATS +10 / Prevents Mute
Marble Charm Exchange Store ATS/ADF +20 / Prevents Mute
White Glasses Any Store Prevents Blind
Luminous Glasses Exchange Store Critical Rate +5% / Prevents Blind
Panzer Goggles Exchange Store ACC +50% - Crit +10% / Prevents Blind
Black Bangle Any Store Prevents Sleep/Nightmare
Energy Bandanna Exchange Store Critical Rate +5% / Prevents Sleep/Nightmare
Cooling Belt Saint-Arkh Store ATS +15 / Prevents Burn
Cozy Socks Saint-Arkh Store STR +15 / Prevents Freeze
Soft Stole Saint-Arkh Store DEF & ADF +25 / Prevents Petrify
Orange Cape Saint-Arkh Store STR +15 / Prevents Faint
Prismatic Cape Saint-Arkh Store ATS +15 / Prevents Confuse
Yellow Pendulum Saint-Arkh Store Prevents Seal/Mute/Stat Down
Yellow Emblem Exchange Store DEF & ADF +200 / Prevents Seal/Mute/Stat Down
Deep Orcher Exchange Store DEF & ADF +200 / Prevents Seal/Mute/Stat Down
Blue Pendulum Saint-Arkh Store Prevents Poison/Blind/Burn
Red Pendulum Saint-Arkh Store Prevents Freeze/Petrify/Faint
Green Pendulum Saint-Arkh Store Prevents Sleep/Nightmare/Confuse
Dark Pendulum Saint-Arkh Store Prevents Deathblow/Delay/Vanish
Proverbs - Gentle Fores Saint-Arkh Store ATS +20
Proverbs - Solid Mountain Heimdallr Store DEF +50
Proverbs - War Exchange Store STR/DEF/ATS/ADF +75, SPD +7


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    20 February 2020
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    31 January 2021
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    Shane Williams

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Join Rean on an adventure through Erebonia, where you'll embark on new journey as a Thors Branch Campus Instructor. Here you'll explore many locations, face old/new enemies, and find many treasures that give you an advantage in battle as well fancy clothes to help you look the part.

The guide for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III will include all there is to see and do including a walkthrough featuring where to find all Side/Branch Campus Quests, Chests, Books, Cards, Recipes and more. Including in depth guidance on how to beat every boss as well as how to solve and conquer all dungeons.

Inside Version 1.1

  • 100% Walkthrough
  • Trophy Guide/Roadmap
  • Characters
  • Appendix
  • Fish Locations
  • Vantage Master Cards Locations
  • Recipe Locations
  • Book Locations

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