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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III

Einhel Keep Trial - LV3

Ben Chard
Shane Williams
Date Type Client Reward AP
6/11 Required Professor Schmidt Waterfall Quartz, 3000 Mira 4

(1 of 2) Map 1/2

Map 1/2 (left), and 2/2. (right)

Once you’ve made it inside Einhell Keep - Lv3 you’ll want to follow the path along until you climb down the second ladder, here you’ll find a Chest on your left that contains Tearal Balm, EP Charge III, Celestial Balm x1. Continue following the path to the right whilst hugging the right wall and you’ll eventually stumble across a Chest with All Sepith x50, now go back and go right to find the Computer Terminal, interact with it and then proceed further down that path to find another Terminal after you’ve climbed the up the ladder.

Take the left path first and climb down to find the final Terminal of this area and interact with it, now climb back up and head left once more to find a Chest that contains Wind Bell, this halves the delay when using Wind Arts. Go back down the ladder on the right and head into Einhel LV3 - Midpoint, here you’ll want to take the left path first to find a Chest with U-Material x5, then continue along until you can see another left turn. Go through the vent and take the left path first to find a Chest that contains a Spirit Incense, now proceed along the right path to interact with the Computer Terminal.

Go back and head across the now usable bridge on the right, keep following the path along and crawl through the vent. Make your way to the end of the path and interact with the Computer Terminal, now head into the room on the right and open the Chest to acquire Curia SR, this gives you an Art to cure all ailments. Finally, interact with the last Computer Terminal and then head to the Northwest of the area to face, Oliphemus.

Boss: Oliphemus

Enemy HP Slash Thrust Pierce Strike Elemental Efficacy Item Drop
Oliphemus 44527 ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ E - 200, WA - 100, F - 40, WN - 120, TI - 140, SP - 100, MI - 80 HP 3

Begin this battle by activating the Sledgehammer Brave Order and then use Rean’s Spirit Unification followed by an S-Craft to quickly put Oliphemus into the Brak Status, now activate Wind Blade to put delay on the boss and then continue using normal attacks to finish him off. If Oliphemus manages to get another turn you’ll want to make use of Altina’s Ebon Crest to reflect any incoming damage until you can get it back in the Break Status.


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