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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III

6/17 - Field Exercises Day 1 (Afternoon)

Ben Chard
Shane Williams

#Key Information

Side Quest Client AP
Gasping for Flair Gaspar 3(+2)
Night Rider Yang 5
Sub Events Location
Landscape Photo #7 Rock Patio
Radio Story #6 Raquel Casino
New Character Notes Location
Ash Liberty Heights Apartments
Items Location
Heartless Edgar - Chapter 6 (Book) Hotel Ortensia
Coffee Grinder (Gift for Machias) McEnroe’s Pawn Shop
White Amber Soap (Gift for Elise Ikaros Mart
New Recipes Location
Heavy Meat Pie Decken Pub & Diner
Purple Hearts Hermit Bar & Inn

Stop by camp

After you’ve viewed the cutscenes, head into Strauss Orbal Factory to hand over the Jade Shell to complete the Love Me Jaded Side Quest. Upon completion you’ll be rewarded with an Evergreen for your hard work. Exit the shop and go into Ordis - Private Home to speak with Luka to get some gossip for the Radio.

(1 of 2) Head into Hotel Ortensia and talk to Lady Eleanor for the Heartless Edgar Chapter 6

Head into Hotel Ortensia and talk to Lady Eleanor for the Heartless Edgar Chapter 6 (left), then speak with Luka in Ordis - Private home for some information the Radio Station can use. (right)

Send over the story to Munk via the Arcus II, then go into Hotel Ortensia to speak with Lady Eleanor for the Heartless Edgar - Chapter 6. Finally, head over to West Lamarre Highway for a scene and then return to the EX Base. Speak with Freddy to be given the Expanded Spool G as a reward for catching 18 Fish, then give the Seeds to Sandy to acquire some Fortitude and Spirit Droplets.

Drop into Car 1 and speak with Louise to show her the Profile Notes and she’ll give you some Vitality Droplets if you have more than 59, then show Tatiana the Book Notes for Magic Droplets. Finally, show Valerie the Battle Notes for some Power Droplets if you have more than 124.

Head to Raquel

Head out into West Lamare Highway 2, and take the left path over to West Languedoc Canyon Road. However, there are a couple more Chests to grab along the way. Hug the right wall on your way through to find a Red Chest that contains an Energy Bandanna, this gives you EVA+5 and prevents Sleep, then continue to the end of the path and you’ll find three more Chests which contain some U-Material, an EP Charge IV, and finally an Aerial Dust R, this gives you ATS+12/ADF+8 and 100% chance to inflict Blind. Now take the south exit into West Languedoc Canyon Road.

  • Explore West Languedoc Canyon Road
Enemy HP Slash Thrust Pierce Strike Elemental Efficacy Item Drop
Bundidge 4424 ☆☆ ☆☆☆ ☆☆ E - 100, WA - 160, F - 80, WN - 120 Beast Flesh, Globby Fat
Harpoon Hornet 4417 ☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ E - 60, WA - 140, F - 160, WN - 100 Hearty Powder, Bee Larvae
Nightmare Frog 18165 ☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆ E - 180, WA - 120, F - 40, WN - 100 Globby Fat, Black Bangle
Grand Kumanba 29791 ☆☆ ☆☆ E - 80, WA - 120, F - 140, WN - 160 U-Material, Flare Butterfly
Great Abyss 54829 ☆☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ E - 120, WA - 80, F - 100, WN - 160 Steel Bell

Follow the path directly ahead and take a right to find a Chest which contains Tearal R, this Art heals 800 HP and cures Burn, then continue further up the path to find another Chest which contains a Dark Emblem, this prevents Deathblow, Delay, and Vanish. Finally, take the left path ahead and follow it along to find two Chests which contain a Brave Seed and Brown Hair - Sara, then proceed into Raquel.

Explore Raquel

To begin, head into the Decken Pub & Diner to speak with Morley to gather some information on the Jager’s, then purchase the Heavy Meat Pie Recipe before leaving. Go into the McEnroe’s Pawn Shop and speak with McEnroe himself to purchase the Coffee Grinder as a gift for Machias, then go into Liberty Heights Apartments to view an event with Ash on the 2F. After the scene has concluded you’ll acquire his Character Note. Finally, speak with Sister Olfa in the Raquel Chapel.

(1 of 2) Purchase the Heavy Meat Pie Recipe from Morely in the Decken Pub & Diner

Purchase the Heavy Meat Pie Recipe from Morely in the Decken Pub & Diner (left), then get the Puple Hearts Recipe from Hermit Bar & Inn. (right)

Before leaving the town there’s a few things to collect and some people to meet. Head into the Ikaros Mart to purchase the White Amber Soap Gift for Elise as well as the Mint Hair - Kurt, then challenge Mimika to a game of Vantage Masters outside the Casino. Upon winning you’ll acquire the Gia-Bro Card. Make your way into the Hermit Bar & Inn to purchase the Purple Hearts Recipe for 1,500 Mira, then go up to the 2F and speak with Gaspar to accept the Gasping for Flair Side Quest.

Side Quest: Gasping for Flair

Head to the 2F of Hermit Bar & Inn to accept this Quest.

Once you’ve accepted the Quest, head over to Raquel Station to speak with the Worker inside, then drop into the Theater to chat to the Director, now make your way into McEnroe Pawn Shop to speak with her. Finally, go into Hermit Bar & Inn to talk with Joseph to complete the quest. Upon completion you’ll be given the Orange Hair - Ash and 5000 Mira.

Head to Rock Patio

Go out into West Languedoc Canyon Road, then take the south exit in Rock Patio.

  • Explore Rock Patio
Enemy HP Slash Thrust Pierce Strike Elemental Efficacy Item Drop
Dong 4548 ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆☆ E - 100, WA - 60, F - 180, WN - 140 Chitinous Shell, Plant Bits
Meteor Sparrow 4536 ☆☆ ☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ N/A E - 80, WA - 100, F - 140, WN - 120 Hearty Powder, U-Material
Abyss Worm 11195 ☆☆☆ ☆☆ E - 160, WA - 100, F - 60, WN - 180 Clear Gelatin, Coral Ring
Jagd Cougar 11164 ☆☆ ☆☆☆ E - 80, WA - 100, F - 160, WN - 120 Beat Flesh, U-Material

To Begin, follow the path over to the right and interact with the wall to gather up some Sulfur then open the nearby Chest to acquire some Tomato Seeds, now go down the left path and take the next right to find Landscape Photo #7 and a Chest with a Soft Stole inside, this increase DEF/ADF+25 and prevents Petrify. Continue following the path along to the end and you’ll naturally come across two Chests which contain Power/Shield/Mind Potion and Selene Shoes.

Continue into the area ahead to initiate a battle against, Nidhoggr.

Boss: Nidhoggr

Enemy HP Slash Thrust Pierce Strike Elemental Efficacy Item Drop
Nidhoggr - Rifle 36148 ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ E - 100, WA - 100, F - 100, WN - 100 U-Material, EP Charge II
Nidhoggr - Greatsword 36188 ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ E - 100, WA - 100, F - 100, WN - 100 U-Material, Teara Balm

Begin this battle by scanning all three enemies, then use Crazy Hunt to increase STR/SPD along with Critical Hit chance, now use Spirit Unification to increase Rean’s damage. In order to easily defeat the group of enemies you’ll want to make use of Crafts that have a large AoE. If at any point they manage to charge up an attack, make sure to Impede it.

Walk around camp

After you’ve managed to beat the boss you’ll return to the EX Camp to speak with some Students/Colleagues. Do a quick sweep around the field to talk to Randy, Tita, and Major Michael, then give Gustaf the materials to complete the Gustaf’s Gunpowder Branch Campus Quest. Exit the EX Camp and head through West Lamare Highway 2 and West Languedoc Canyon Road to return to Raquel.

Gather intelligence in Raquel

Once you’ve arrived you’ll want to speak with the three people outside Raquel Station, then continue down the path ahead to chat with Bianca. After your chat, drop into Raquel Chapel to talk with Sister Olfa again. Finally, go into Hermit Bar & Inn to see Julia then accept the Night Rider Side Quest from Cathy in Ikaros Mart.

Side Quest: Night Rider

Accept the Quest from Cathy in Hermit Bar & Inn.

Once you’ve accepted the Quest, head out into West Languedoc Canyon Road and you’ll stumble across Clark. After the Cutscene you’ll need to take down Great Abyss. To do this, activate Ebon Dragon to increase your Critcal Hit chance by 50% and then use any S/A Crafts to deal maxium damage. Once the enemy is in the break status you’ll want to make use of everyones S-Crafts to finish it off.

After you’ve defeated the boss the Quest will complete and you’ll be given a Celestial Balm EX and 3000 Mira for your reward.

Head to Neue Blanc

Head to the northeast of Raquel to view an event outside Neue Blanc, then go to the southwest exit to speak to Marquis Ballad. Finally, go inside the Casino and talk to the Dealer to acquire the Radio Story #6, send this to Munk via the Arcus II then go up to the 2F to have a game of Vantage Masters. Here you’ll want to choose the 1st option, Use Personal Deck, as this will give you 3 AP upon winning.

Talk to everyone still up

Once you’ve made it back to the Derflinger after a busy day you’ll want to speak to the people that are still awake. To begin, examine the 02-C room in Car 2 to view an event, then chat with Sara in Car 3, followed by Valimar in Car 6 and then go out into the Field via the Car 2 door. Finally, return to your room and rest up.


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