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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III

Herb Helper

Ben Chard
Shane Williams
Date Type Client Reward AP
4/22 Required Archbishop Ramsen Heal, 2000 Mira 4

Make your way to the Cathedral in Saint-Arkh and speak with Archbishop Ramsen, he’ll task you with finding five Erynflowers. Leave Saint-Arkh to the west and head through West Sutherland Highway to reach Isthmia Great Forest. Make your way through the area and at the end, you’ll run into a Sub-boss against three Agilatarans.

Once the battle begins you’ll want to make use of Altina’s Brave Order, Ebon Crest, which will reflect all damage for four rounds. As for attacking these Spiders you’ll want to aim for Crafts that have a large radius or a high break rating, Juna’s Gemini Blast is a great choice for range as it can hit all three in one turn and Kurt’s Rain Slash is good for putting them into the Break Status.

Make use of Iron Will or Ebon Crest to survive the first few rounds here.

After the enemies have been slain you’ll want to pick up five Erynflowers and then you’ll view a scene. After you’ve regained control you’ll now have the order Divine Song, this will remove casting time for six turns. Go back to the Cathedral and you’ll bump into Elliot, after the conversations has concluded you’ll want to see Archbishop Ramsen to complete the quest which will reward you with Heal, this is a Quartz that will grant the user Tear/Teara and Curia while also recovering HP on the field and boosting your HP+600 and EP+60.


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