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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

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Chimera Camo Challenges & Tips For Completing Them

Craig Robinson

MW2 has yet another assault rifle added in Season 1, this time, its the Chimera, aka the Honey Badger. This weapon is interesting as it plays like an SMG, but behaves like an AR. This hybrid style weapon certainly packs a punch, while also getting the ACP skull hidings rounds that comes with it. While this is the gameplay focus, completionists out there are looking to take on the Chimera Camo Challenges as easily as possible. Here is our guide to completing the Chimera Camo Challenges, offering tips along the way.

Here is a look on the Chimera Camo Challenges, and tips and tricks to make it easier to get them.

Chimera Camo Challenges Explained

Here are all the Chimera Camo Challenges you can unlock and beat in MW2.

Challenge Requirement Camo reward
Challenge 1 Get 50 kills with the Chimera Charcoal
Challenge 2 Get 20 hipfire kills with the Chimera Aztec
Challenge 3 Get 10 Double kills with the Chimera Diabolical
Challenge 4 Get 15 kills from behind with the Chimera Snow Leopard
Gold challenge Get three kills without dying ten times Gold Camo
Platinum Challenge 25 longshots with the TAQ 56 Platinum Camo
Polyatomic Challenge 25 headshots with the TAQ 56 Polyatomic
Orion Challenge Get Polyatomic for 51 weapons Orion Camo

The base camo challenges are not too hard. The first is straight forward, and you’ll likely get it without realizing it.

As for the second one You need hip fire kills. We recommend going onto maps like Shoothouse or Shipment. If you’re reading this while there’s a 24/7 playlist for either map, we recommend going on that. Otherwise, go play modes like Hardpoint or Headquarters where you can get funnels to make enemies enter your hip fire kill zone. Moreso, you can spec your weapon to be better for hip fire control, using attachments like the 10“ SA phoenix barrel, Schalger ULO-66 Laser to make those hip fire battles easier.

The third challenge is to get double kills with the Chimera. This is fairly straight forward. Once again, go to the 24/7 playlists on small maps, as you can wrack up double kills with spray transfer fairly easily. Shipment and Shoothouse remain the best maps for those challenges. If not, once again visit Headquarter or Hardpoint, and then play around the objective, as you are more likely to get enemies to funnel to the object, which increases your chances of landing double kills. You can potentially use an extended magazine if you feel you need those extra bullets to land double kills within the few seconds window you get for double kill feats.

The final base camo challenge is the kills from behind. If you’re doing this on Shipment, hide in the containers, either to the side of the map, or the one in the middle. The result is you can patiently wait and wait for someone to pass, then exit and shoot the player in the back while they don’t see it coming. Alternatively, hide behind doors towards objectives and then get you kills from behind as well on any other map, especially on headquarters or hardpoint modes.

Chimera Gold Camo Challenge

Now you’re onto the Gold Camo Challenge for the Chimera. All you need to to do here is to get three kills without dying. Honestly, play this however you prefer. Maps with better chances to get kills is the better play, but, as long as you don’t die, then gold is easy to come by.

Chimera Platinum Camo Challenge

now we are onto the platinum camo challenge. The platinum camo requires long range kills. This will require the user to spec this weapon into damage range. For this, we recommend the player use the following loadout:

  • Barrel: 10“ SA Phoenix
  • Muzzle: ZLR Talon 5
  • Ammunition: .300 BLK Overpressured +P
  • the other attachment are preferential

The reason for this is because you want to increase your weapon damage, and the weapon range. You can also increase your ammunition velocity via its tuning. This should make getting those long range kills much easier, thanks to increasing the weapon’s rather lackluster range damage, and velocity.

Remember, the longshot range for assault rifles is around the 38 meters. You can typically find these longshot areas around these maps.

  • El Asilo, such as the rock near A on Domination, all the way over the car on the dirt road and beyond. The radio tower works too, if you cover the north direction, as does the building to the southwest side of the map overlooking the storage yard, and the swing dirt mound section.
  • The Raceway is good, especially if you can get prone on the fire engine and cover B site on Domination in front of the pit area of the map. The broadcast trucks side of the map works too, but they favor snipers a lot better.
  • Embassy, especially the tennis court and front gate area. You can also get a good prone spot on the roof area of rear gate, near the cafeteria roof. This allows you to cover the car park, with the 35-meter range being the gates to the main embassy building. You may need to stand further back to get long shot kills on the door, or look for snipers further away towards the rear car park to the default spawn area.
  • Taraq is also good if you’re covering north-to-south angles, especially the ruin area towards the building with the second-floor outdoor sniping area, which you can use to cover any objectives that go in that direction.
  • Hotel offers some good long-range angles near the Patio / Parking boost spot, overlooking the Chandelier hallway to the check-in room and vice versa.
  • Sena Border Crossing: The map has many long-distance angles, especially on the freeway area. Getting on one of the back buses or emergency vehicles and watching the middle area should count as long-range kills, as does climbing the burning bus and the fire engine in the middle of the map facing either side of the map.

Chimera Polyatomic Camo Challenge

Now, for the final challenge, you need to get headshots. Honestly, go back to whatever build and playstyle you used that you enjoyed. Find the right map strategies, and then aim for the head. We advise using a optic, you to make it easer to track heads much better. But otherwise, its preference. The only other tips we can give you is to look for enemies playing cover. Chances are they are only exposing their head to you, which should theoretically increase your chances of landing headshots.

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